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A Canadian Girl’s 12 Hour Non-Stop Rap Song Went Viral on Tiktok


Last month the American rapper Coolio who was known for hits including “Gangsta Paradise” and “Fantastic Voyage” passed away at the age of 59 on 29th Sep, this year, leaving all his fans crying.

To honour this fantabulous rapper, a 21- years old canadian tik toker named Tiana, who is known for her piano playing and singing in public, decided to sing his masterpiece “Gangsta Paradise” (which was featured in ‘Dangerous Minds” movie).

In her video, she not only sang his song but also tried to imitate Coolio by wearing a hairstyle like him that he made so popular then (when he released that single in 1995) and sang in order to give him a tribute which leaves everyone shocked.

She released it on her youtube channel named “UntaintedAfro” 

This tribute of this canadian girl went viral on tik tok and other social media that received more than 8 million views and more likes.

The jaw-dropping fact is that she did it for 12 straight hours continuously. It is more or like a marathon.

Now everyone’s question is: How did she do this?


When you look at her past life, she was sentenced for half an hour as she was accused by mistake for stealing in a grocery shop. This incident shook her completely and she wanted to overcome it. The path she so chose is to create videos for social media. 

She says “It just threw me into a different life path, “After that, I went heavy into YouTube, I started making lots of videos. And it made me realize … ‘What am I doing?’ “

How she gained such a willpower:

While everyone is in astonishment, she says in a very coolest way, “making such videos in a way to enjoy every moment of life”. She also adds that “I enjoy rapping and singing. So it is not that difficult for me to do it for hours.

This statement of hers emphasises the power of music and shows how music can make you overcome hardships and improves your willpower to undertake hard things in life. Needless to say, music can enhance the dopamine ( hormone secreted by the brain to make you feel happy) produced by your brain to make you feel more active and energetic. This leaves you in a state of excitement and allows you to undertake the hardship with ease thereby pushing you to be more focused in your work without much tension. 

That’s why many people who listen to music while working or studying tend to complete more tasks with ease and energy. 

Music on attitude:

In addition, listening to music increases the overall happiness in spite of what you’re doing and provides you complete satisfaction over your work. At the same time, music also has proven to improve the attitude of achieving what you’re aiming for. When both attitude and happiness combine, it will increase the motivation and encouragement. So the more encouraged you are, the more tasks you will likely complete.

Obviously, this is what made Tiana sing for 12 hours continuously and make her effort viral on social media paltforms. She loves music and this motivates her when she aims to sing for 12 hours continuously and helps her to achieve her goal.

Now I hope this article interests you. If so, I have one more thing to add that you can also achieve this regardless of your age. If you are into music like Tiana, then consider learning music somehow to experience the enormous benefits of music that will help you achieve your goal. Join nearby classes or you can search the best music schools nearer to you by checking out websites like ThreeBestRated, Yelp, Justidal, etc..



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