A Child Hears The First Sound After Receiving Hearing Aid, This Is What His Reaction Is!

Child with hearing issues

Sound is the tool to express oneself. When someone is deprived of this, life can be challenging. Especially when toddlers have this, it can affect their speech and communication skills and so they will develop less confidence in themselves. Thanks to technology which helps these people to overcome their problems. That smile will be priceless! You may have come across many people with hearing issues, but have you ever seen a toddler’s reactions to hearing the first sound? 

I have a video for you…

Baby gets hearing aids to hear for the first time ❤️

A baby with hearing issues by birth receives his first hearing aid and hears the first sound in his life. The sound comes from his father. He can’t recognise that it is his father speaking as the latter is wearing a mask. The toddler is totally perplexed by this. So his father removes his mask and shows his face to see his reaction. 

It is so adorable and heart-touching, not only for his parents but definitely for many…

Now you can see a lot of people look at disability as an imperfection, but surprisingly a few have changed this perspective completely. They have never seen their disabilities as imperfections.

At this point, lemme tell you about two important people in history with hearing issues who had been dominating the world for ages. Therefore it will convince you to change your opinion about the imperfections. 

Have you studied about Helen Keller? 

Can you remember who she is?

She is the first deaf and blind person to be educated to get a Bachelor of Arts degree. Unlike other deaf people who limit themselves to talking to very few people, she communicated with millions of people. In addition, she has inspired many people (especially blinds) to achieve great things in their lives. 

Her impact on this society was impeccable and left many people who demeaned these disabled people speechless. Still, she is dominating the world generation after generation. 

Even today if you ask someone to tell the name of a differently abled yet successful person, the first name will likely be Helen Keller. 

The inspiration she gives to the people who thrive for success continues endlessly!

The second person that Imma talks of is also a famous influencer for ages. He is Thomas Edison, 

You know him as an inventor, but how many of you know that he had hearing issues?

Though he could hear very little to no, he invented countless life-changing inventions, including the phonograph, the durable light bulb, and to name a few. Although the reason behind his deafness is controversial even today, he once said that his disability made him focus on his work without getting distracted by the world. 

These two have made their problems true blessings. The success of these two greats is because of two things: one is persistence and the other is their parents.  

It is her parents who encouraged Hellen to be educated. Without their constant support, she would have lost the force that kept her constant in her efforts. The same with Edison, who had an understanding parent to motivate him. 

One life incident of Edison is that his teacher didn’t allow him to come to school due to his hearing problem. But his mom lied to him by saying that his teacher told her son was a genius and did not need a teacher to educate him. She hasn’t been reminded of his disability.

Therefore, you, as a parent of a disabled child, must have this understanding. “Every person with a disability is an individual” – says Itzhak Perlman, an Israeli-American violinist. 

If Your child is differently abled, which means he/she has different abilities which can be praised for ages. Therefore, remember, every child will always look for parents to develop their behaviours and inner morality. So it is in your hands to develop strong willpower in your children no matter how hard his/her path could be!

There are so many people like Helen and Edison in this modern age. Why I have mentioned these two is that they lived in the dark age with no such advancements that we have today. 

If they can dominate the world, so can your children!


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