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A Dancing Phenom From India Is Stealing The International Shows!


I am curious about scrolling through social media and learning endless things, meeting countless successful people, and exploring not the earth, but the whole universe.

Wait, I don’t mean I spend time uselessly on these platforms. 

I mean, I am really excited about exploring the world! I like to search for new things of my interests daily. 

When I did so, I came across a young dancing phenom who has been rocking international reality shows with his talents and confidence. Of course, he has been doing it from a young age, but his popularity continues to be on an upward trajectory. A week ago, one of his performances on Britain’s Got Talent show went viral on YouTube, crossing 3.4 million views. 

“Young talents and young minds, in general, will have a lot to amuse us” – says a coach of ThreeBestRatedⓇ dance school. 

So it puffed my eagerness up! 

I searched for information to get to know more about him. 

Then I got one more reason to stay motivated in my life and propel myself to acquire confidence in myself.

Just lend me ears, and I will tell you what I found in him astounding!

This young talent, Akshat Singh, is from Mumbai city in India. He is passionate about dance and acting since his childhood. He wants to pursue his passion but gets restricted by the bullies, as he is full-figured. 

At the age of four, his father enrolled him in a dance school. As he is fat, his teacher made him stand in the back of the row, thinking that he can’t dance. However it didn’t break him down, instead, it added fuel to his inner fire. He wanted to showcase his talents.

Every day, he went to the field at 4 ‘0 clock in the early morning to practise. Since at 7’o clock others would be there to bully and laugh at him. Therefore, he had to wake up at 4 ‘0 clock so that no one would be there to bully him. He practised back flips, splits, etc… Literally, he toiled away…

Now his hard work paid him off, as he makes his journey from Indian (regional) reality shows to International shows/ platforms. He started his career in various Indian reality shows like Dance Bangla Dance, and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season. Then he won a golden buzzer from Ant & Dec in Britain’s Got Talent Show. Soon, because of his talents and hard work, he was recognized globally, invited to the American Television Talk Show and became a sensational phenomenon. He has also appeared in a Hollywood movie named “Best Friends” and some ads in Japan, Dubai, and Germany. 

Now, what I admire about him is his confidence in his hard work. He believed that his hard work would pay him back one day. This is what takes him to this height and showered him with what he truly deserves.

Once he said, the day he gets bullied, he wants to prove one thing to this world that,

“Fat people can dance!”

He said & He proved it!

Now it is not surprising, Akshat Singh has become an international prodigy.



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