A New Family Restaurant Serving Gambian Foods, Invites Residents Of Huddersfield

The restaurant specializes in Gambian cuisine, and the couple is eager to show the West African Culture to their customers.

Situated at the heart of the United Kingdom, Huddersfield is known for its nice blend of culture, history, and cuisine. Adding spice to the Huddersfield city, Foeyams, a new family-owned restaurant has bloomed to serve the residents Gambian flavours.

The family is originally from West Africa. The head of the family, Foday Janko visited the vibrant city when he fled from his home country to meet his friends. Immediately, he fell in love with the community and its nature-dominated environment and moved here along with his wife Mariama, and four children – Lamin, Mohammed, Fatoumata, and Sheikh. It’s been almost 15 years since he moved. 

He wishes to introduce the flavours of Gambian to the community through his culinary skills. With the aim of making his restaurant a connecting bridge between the two cultures, he opened the Foeyams on 2nd June at 21, Byram Street, Huddersfield. 

Foeyams was initially started from their family home, located in Newsome. Then he opened a stall at the Huddersfield Open Market and appeared in Gambian-Inspired fare in the International Food Markets throughout the country.

Foday with his wife and children in front of Foeyams

He and his family have been overwhelmed by the welcoming responses given by the community, as the restaurant’s Facebook message reads, “We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that helped us along the way making our opening day a huge success. The turnout was overwhelming yesterday so thank you to everyone that came out  WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL VERY SOON AGAIN.”

Foday, who was a concierge at Salvation Army Hostel, has now become the owner of a restaurant. He has attributed the success of the restaurant to his wife and children. He proudly shared that they have derived Foeyams by combining Foday and Mariama.

Foeyams: Featuring all that belongs to Gambian

At Foeyams, Foday and his wife will be cooking for their customers. The restaurant specializes in Gambian cuisine, and the couple is eager to show the West African Culture to their customers. The details of their full menu and services are provided on Foeyams’ website

However, here’s a short glimpse of what awaits you. 

The menu boasts a range of flavourful Gambian foods. They serve chicken bites, chicken wings, patties (chicken/lamb/veg), spring rolls (chicken/lamb/veg), dumplings, rice & peas, benchin, salad, chips, boiled rice, etc., for starters and sides. They offer a variety of dishes for mains and breakfasts. Unlike other restaurants, Foeyams cooks specially for kids. Their kids’ menu includes chicken nuggets, fish fingers, chicken bites, and a small portion of any adult meal, which is complemented by drinks and chips. 

Deserts like naan buru, fudgy brownies, fruit salad, and cookies, and drinks like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soursop, etc.. are also available on their menu. 

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Besides these, they take orders for customised birthday cakes. “Whether it’s a superhero-themed cake for your little one, a glamorous cake adorned with their favourite hobbies and interests, we guarantee to bring your vision to life,” Foday said through his website. 

The restaurant can accommodate 25 people, along with a couple of tables outside. It will be open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Follow their Facebook Page for more updates.


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