A New & First Tattoo Shop Has Been Opened In Evanston After Three Years Since the 2021 Legalization

This shop has been named Sweetheart Ink Tattoo which occupies the space that was formerly by an attorney.

It was three years ago since the Evanston City Council made modifications to the zoning code for the tattoo shops to open in the city. 

Now, a new tattoo shop, owned by David Libert and his fiancee Bella Viola, opened in Evanston city on 8th May at 530 Kedzie Street at the intersection of Chicago and Kedzie avenues. This shop has been named Sweetheart Ink Tattoo which occupies the space that was formerly by an attorney.

Libert said that, when he and his father Steve searched for a location to open the shop, “It turned out being like the perfect size and location.” 

Steve, who has been in the commercial real estate industry for a long time, was surprised to hear that no one had applied to run a tattoo shop in the city, after the 2021 legalization of Evanston. He said, “From a business perspective – that is what I initially proposed to David — there are a lot of things about Evanston from an artistic perspective that also made it surprising that there isn’t a tattoo studio open already, and two, that we’d love to be the first one.

This Sweetheart Ink Tattoo shop is about 1,250 sq. ft, featuring three tattooing stations now. Libert added in a press release, “I had to learn a lot about the business end of things. And my dad being in commercial real estate, he was able to kind of guide me through that.

Libert has opened up on the sad reality. He stated, “There’s this whole battle of this sacred art that’s being protected and respected. But, there are a lot of people out there who just willy-nilly disrespect it all the time and do things improperly.”

As per Libert, tattooing is currently in its renaissance period. The techniques and artworks that were once seemed to be impossible, now being practiced widely. He attributed much of this progress to the late artist and musician Joshua Carlton, author of “Advanced Tattooing Techniques: A Guide to Realism,” whom Libert referred to as “the Michael Jordan” of tattoo innovation.

Libert and Viola are quite overwhelmed by the positive responses they received from the community. In the first week, most of the visitors they had were to greet them and ask for more information about the business. So far, they have been crazy busy. 

Viola stated, “This week has been just people calling or literally people walking in and booking a tattoo with David like, let’s say, days or weeks from now, you know.

Hiring For Sweetheart Ink Tattoo shop: 

Libert and Viola are looking for the right people to join their team at Sweetheart Ink Tattoo. As per Libert, artists with at least three years of experience are needed. He is going to take the interviews soon. Interested people with the mentioned eligibility can contact them. 

As for now, he is planning to join hands with a few of his friends temporarily to handle the growing influx of customers. 

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The shop accepts walk-ins, appointments, and consultations. It will be open from Tuesday through Sunday – 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The pricing also starts at $150 for pieces that can be completed within an hour. However, hours may be extended depending on the design. Learn more at https://sweetheartinktattoo.com/


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