A New Music School Arrives In Pine City

It will be offering an array of music education.

A new music school named ‘Pine City Music’ has been established, in the early week of February, by Shannon Woods, a licensed music educator from Pine City. The school is located at 885 7th Street, SW, Pine City, at the former Coldwell Banker building. 

She has had an ardent passion for music since her childhood, and she wants others to have the same joyful experiences with music too! So she opened her own school to teach music to others. 

She stated, “Music can be studied on a different level, whether that be through the study of music appreciation (listening), the study of music history, the study of an instrument, dance, or by using music and movement for development or as music therapy.” 

“Music benefits people socially, emotionally, cognitively, academically, physically and spiritually.”

About Shannon Woods

Shannon’s journey into music started when she was a kid. Being the daughter of a Pianist mom, she grew up listening to her family’s favorite music and her mom playing piano. Then she developed her passion for music further from her school music teachers. Initially she started as a pianist and later learned other instruments. Thus music became a big part of her life. 

She dove into the world of music, by joining the band and choir and sticking with it straight through her college. Over the years, she has been a part of various music groups, notably the Centennial Community Band and the Minnesota Saints Chorale and Orchestra for over 10 years. She has also taught music in public schools. She has been teaching general music classes, music and movement classes, private lessons, and band and choir.

Shannon told pinecountrynews.com “I have great passions. One of which is teaching and helping others, and the other is being involved in music.”

She added, “Teaching music allows me to bring those two together and have a lot of fun.”

Basically from New Mexico, Shannon moved to Pine City during the last fall along with her husband, Scott, her four grown children, and two terriers. 

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What is the School Pine City Music For? 

At her school Pine City Music, Shannon will be providing an array of music education to different age groups. She will be teaching piano and woodwind instrumental lessons tailored for both children and adults all the year-round. She will also be teaching general music classes for homeschooled students and hosting various week-long summer camps. 

Music & movement classes for infants and young children, recording, and a basic level of Ukulele classes are also on her bucket list. While the music & movement and homeschool classes will be offered during the school year only, they will be replaced by thematic and week-long summer camps. 

For more information, visit https://www.pinecitymusic.com/ or email at Pinecitymusicmn@gmail.com

Note to Remember: 

Carl, the owner of the former Coldwell Banker building has closed the firm, as she felt that the pandemic and Artificial Intelligence have changed the real estate industry which made the physical buildings no longer needed. If anyone wants the assistance of Carl, visit https://mn.exprealty.com/. Alternatively, she has physical space at the Stearns Bank building for her clients’ convenience. 


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