A New Salon & Spa Has Opened By Three Mothers In Rexburg, Catering To Nails, Hair and Skin Needs!

It extends its warm welcome to both women and men

Rexburg residents! Mark your calendar on this 9th March. An exciting addition is coming your way! A new salon, bearing the name board, Sunnie’s Salon and Spa is going to serve you, catering all your needs for nails, hair, and skin. 

The salon has been opened by a combined endeavor of Three Mothers – Taylor Orr, Kammi Carlson, and Danielle Williams. It has been named after Taylor’s mother Sunnie, who ran Teton Steakhouse in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and died at the age of 52 due to breast cancer in 2022. 

Taylor said that her mother was like a home to everyone. Her employees considered her as their second mother. Taylor recalled that at her mom’s funeral, half of the people who attended the funeral were her employees. 

Inspired by her mother, Taylor told EastIdahoNews, “I opened the salon because I have always dreamed of having a salon that felt like a home to clients and employees.” All these years, Taylor grew up watching her mom’s excellence in customer service. She describes it as her (mom’s) strong suit. Taylor also follows the footprints of her mother. She wishes to make her salon a healthy environment to both work and relax, just like her mom did. 

Taylor said, “I just want this place to feel like a home. Then for my clients, whenever they need to get away from something or need a break, I just want them to feel like, ‘I can go to Sunnie’s’.”

At Sunnie’s Salon and Spa, Taylor is accompanied by her school friend Carlson, whom she met at Paul Mitchell Schools, almost 10 years ago. Carlson also shared about Taylor’s mom, saying, “Orr’s mom was crazy memorable. When I met her, I was like, she was just so lovable.”

Taylor believes her mom is watching her and will feel proud of her. 

An Array Of Offerings: 

Taylor wants to make her salon a one-stop-shop. She will be offering an array of nail, hair, and skin services. Additionally, she has also included spray tanning, body sculpting, massages, teeth whitening, and more in her services. Moreover, you can expect a dedicated beauty team soon at Sunnie’s Salon and Spa. 

Sunnie’s Salon and Spa extends its warm welcome to both women and men, as they have created this space as something for everyone. Also, as the salon is located in close proximity to the Brigham Young University – Idaho Campus, they invite the students to explore and benefit from their services. They offer services that fit the students’ affordability range. 

Orr told EastIdahoNews, “I want students to feel comfortable and know they can still come and enjoy the experience that we have, even on a student budget.”

“We want people to come as they are. We want them to feel like no matter where they’re at, even if they don’t feel presentable, that they can come here and they feel good when they leave,” she told EastIdahoNews.

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Grand Opening of Sunnie’s Salon and Spa

Upon Sunnie’s Salon and Spa’s grand opening, they are going to offer free mini massages and free facials. Additionally, they will be offering flash tattoos, raffles, permanent jewelry, swag bags, giveaways, and so on. 

Carlson said, “I’m so excited. It is going to be fun. We just want to make a good impact on anyone who walks through the doors.”

She added, “Our goal at Sunnie’s is to create a place to share laughs, play with styles, and explore skincare options. So that our clients can walk away with confidence and feeling beautiful.”

The grand opening has been scheduled for March 9th at 11:00 a.m. Rexburg and its surrounding community are invited to the event. 

Opening hours: Sunnie’s Salon will be open from Monday to Saturday. Book your appointment at the salon’s website. The salon is located at 160 West 2nd South, 233, Rexburg, Idaho


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