A tempting Pasta-Making Video of a Woman Went Viral on TikTok.. Is the Pasta Worth the Hype? 


A girl on TikTok, @soflofooodie, cooked pasta while doing the ‘put a finger down’ challenge which went viral on TikTok, reaching almost 87.7K likes.

She is famous for her cooking videos. In this particular video, she was tutoring a new pasta recipe which was so appealing and appetizing. This video is liked by a myriad of die-hard fans of pasta.

No wonder, in the present era, pasta has become the pig-out food for everyone. Originally, pasta belonged to Italian food but today almost 600+ varieties of pasta are ruling the world. 

Is the pasta worth the hype?

The overarching answer is ‘Yes’. Personally, I love pasta. I will have it at least once a month or whenever I feel monotonous, which can be an excellent mood changer as the combination of amazing aroma, the flavors, and the oil can be uplifting and palatable.

There are a lot of reasons for people to find pasta as delicious as any other food. Some reasons are obvious.

Reasons for love for pasta:

Working people, novice cooks, and even chefs find pasta easy to cook and need almost no to less effort. You can simply boil it in the water, add sauces and/or spices of your choice, and feed on it. The ingredients used in pasta are also easily available in the kitchen. So within 10 minutes, your food will be ready.

@soflofooodie I only put 3 down 😅 how about you? #spicyrigatoni ♬ put a finger down unpopular food opinions – Myah Elliott

Most importantly, the taste and flavor are the very reasons for this obsession. They are customizable, as there is a range of recipes with pasta with which you will never feel bored of eating pasta. Even the ingredients can also be added of your choice and as per your mood.

Mouth-watering yet healthy food:

Above all Italian foods are known for their health benefits as they contain veggies, seafood, legumes, nuts, lean meat, and whole wheat that are less processed as their key ingredients. Pasta is cooked with the aforesaid ingredients which make the food healthy and tasty. “In the tradition of Italian cuisine, we use the freshest ingredients that reflect authentic Sicilian cuisine with a touch of Northern Italy” – says ThreeBestRated, an Italian chef, Marcello Russodivito. 

The carbohydrates present in pasta are also complex carbs that are highly beneficial and essential for brain and muscle function. So pasta can be the ideal food for everyone, which has low calories and lowers the risk of cardiac disorders and cholesterol, and improves overall body function. Overall, it can be a great option for people who are conscious about their diet and can’t control their food carving.


If you can’t cook them, then don’t worry.

As they are beneficial and delectable at the same time, the number of pasta lovers is increasing rapidly. With this, the number of restaurants is also mushrooming, making it easy to find pasta anywhere and everywhere. You can find varieties of pasta easily in any restaurant or cuisine. You can simply check the best and nearest restaurants with legitimate websites like ThreeBestRated, GrubHub, etc.. and can have fun. 

Above all, you must know one thing despite its health benefits. “Pasta doesn’t make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat” – says Giada De Laurentiis, an Italian chef, and food network personality. So remember! Too much of anything is good for nothing!

I hope you read this. Now put your fingers down if you enjoy eating pasta.



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