A woman goes blind after tattooing her eyeballs: what could be the reasons for the people to go this far?

Tattoos have taken a new turn in this modern era, though it has a very long history. With more and more people getting tattooed, this art of ink has been going through a new reformation and evolution. This evolution has made people go beyond the imagination. 

Eight days ago a woman named Anaya Peterson went viral on social media as she got her eyes tattooed in blue and purple after being inspired by Armer Luke aka Dragon Girl (an Australian model). Her cute little daughter warned her against getting tattooed, telling her that she may go blind after this. But this mom did this despite her (daughter’s) polite warning and went blind temporarily for three weeks. This jaw-dropping video on Social media has amassed millions of likes and comments.

On watching this video, everyone is wondering how she had put up with the pain.

You know what, she is not the one, but there are a lot of people who have dedicated their entire bodies to get inked. You can see so many greats and ordinary people show interest in tattoos.

This may seem awkward for many, but for those tattoo lovers, it means a lot.

Have you ever thought of why these people are taking this much risk and wish to tolerate the pain? 

If you ask a tattoo wearer, they would say they feel confident after going under the needle, but how?

Let’s dig deeper.

How do the tattoos contribute to scaling up your confidence?

By making them escape from their insecurities: 

The first and foremost reason is that the majority of people want themselves to be inked just to escape from their insecurities. People with surgical scars, pigmentations, baldness, and permanent skin conditions, may feel less confident. They feel uncertain about their features which leads them to suffer from inferiority complex. That’s why people prefer to go under the needle to hide their insecurities. In this way, they find themselves attractive and superior which improves their self-love. At last, they start to love themselves for who they are and this eventually enhances their confidence.

By making them different from the ordinary:

No one can deny that attraction pulls in the attention of people. This is also another reason for the stigmatophile to go through the pain. “When someone is pretty and unique, they will be the centre of attraction wherever they go. That attraction or uniqueness has a huge impact on one’s self-esteem” – says a ThreeBestRatedⓇ tattoo artist from No Regrets London tattoo shop. And who doesn’t want that attraction? 

Tattoos make the wearer unique and different from the ordinary. This simply develops a sense of assuredness. So they can walk as bold as brass. 

By expressing them in an elegant way:

You may have heard that tattoos are the art of self-expression. Yeah. It is true because people find it as an ultimate way to reflect their personality or personal story. The majority of the tattoos carry some messages too. For some people, it may be the link to their past (struggles they faced), something they love, or a pic of their lovable ones. And, for others, it may be a personal/religious message.

For instance, people who have defeated suicidal thoughts/mental issues, have a semicolon to be inked. Funny or sentimental, tattoos carry a story and the taste of one that expresses their personality. Hence people who want to express themselves elegantly, choose tattoos. 

A few other people look at tattoos as their strength as they have gone through such pain. Studies show that a person who undergoes a lot of pain will become stronger. Anyhow, tattoo is an art of self-expression which makes you strong!


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