Aavas Financiers Limited Expands Their Empire With Yet Another Branch In Bassi!

Owning a house is the dream of every Indian! Arranging finances to build one is still a difficult task today. Only approaching a good and supportive housing loan company can resolve the issue. Aavas Financiers Limited is one such extraordinary housing loan company that has spread over the country with its reputation in the service. They have recently inaugurated their next branch in Bassi, Rajasthan to help people in their housing loan needs. 

All About Aavas Financiers Limited!

“SAPNE AAPKE, SAATH HAMAARA” is the ultimate mission of Aavas Financiers Limited, which enforces enriching the lives of people by helping them to achieve their dream of owning their dream home. Hence, they have designed their service to upgrade and empower the lives of people at low and middle class of the society in a way that their low income should never stop their access to home loans. This approach has helped them set a pioneered benchmark in the unserved and underserved markets.

As an evolving firm, Aavas Financiers Limited always focuses on the people who are associated with them. Hence, they also never failed to nurture employees to passively perform in the enhancement of the company with a sense of ownership. Being responsible, professional and ethical in their approach towards customers helps them keep their customers at ease in the process. The firm’s abi;lity to blend modern outlook with the traditional ethics has helped them create an environment built with transparency and trust. 

Awards & Accolades!

Here are some of the recent awards and achievement by Aavas Financiers Limited that once again exclaims that they are the best in the field,

  • Mr. Sushil Kumar Agarwal, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Aavas Financiers Limited has felicitated with EY Entrepreneur Of the Year India Awards 2020
  • Mr. Ghanshyam Rawat, Co-Founder & CFO, Aavas Financiers Limited conferred with Best CA CFO – Emerging Corporate Award in BFSI Category at 13th ICAI Awards.
  • Won Silver Award for Excellence in BRSR –MID Cap(Service Sector) at 3rd ICAI Sustainability Reporting Awards 2022-23.
  • Aavas Financiers Limited has been recognized by The “Great Place to Work ® Institute” in 2022-23 for providing the best to its employees welfare.
  • The Economic Times Best Brands Conclave recognized Aavas Financiers Ltd. as the Best BFSI Brand 2023 and again for 2024.

New Branch In Bassi

With over 2 lakh loan accounts, Aavas Financiers Limited has grown way big since its inception in 2011. Today, they serve around 13 states with 352 active branches in helping people of the capital needs in the housing sector. This new branch of Bassi is much anticipated by the people in the region to make their life easier in the process.

“We’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of our newest branch in Bassi, Rajasthan, as Aavas Network continues to embrace and celebrate the rich heritage of Rajasthan! With each new branch, we’re not just expanding our services, but also our commitment to bringing financial empowerment to more people across the nation. Join us as we dive into the heart of this vibrant cultural hub, weaving together tradition and progress one step at a time,” said the firm via Facebook.

Address: First Floor, Prabhu Colony, Patlya Market, Bassi, Jaipur – 303301 

Email: customercare@aavas.in

Contact: +91 90201 13113

If you are from Bassi and looking for the best place to avail of a housing loan to build your dream home. It is none other than Aavas Financiers Limited who can arrange the best housing loan for your particular with preferred terms for your convenience. You can always contact them for your financing needs in home purchase, new construction and even home extension. They also maintain an app for your convenience.


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