About Voice of Local Business

Local Businesses enormously contribute to the growth of the local economy and their local community. But the local business market itself is fragile and involves a lot of risks. They are the first to experience the aftermath of the economic recession influenced by any crisis. About 543,000 new small businesses are started each month, but only 50% of them survive longer than five years.

Voice Of Local Business (VOLB) was created with an altruistic intent to serve as the platform for local/small business owners, influencers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to share the profound stories of the hardships every small business undergoes to stay in this competitive market. VOLB is eager to listen to the unheard stories of the businesses that succeeded and the ones who collapsed. 

Unlike a typical website that showcases only the success stories, VOLB wants to highlight your struggles and the times you felt helpless. We exhibit articles and stories that reflect the reality of the complexity involved in running a business. 

The small business industry is very diverse in nature, and so are their problems. We are a group of independent writers who commit ourselves to build a reliable platform for business owners to voice out their concerns. VOLB also aims to develop into a reliable source for news and updates about the latest trends and innovations in the small business industry. 

For any queries or information, contact us at info@volb.org