Aptus Grows Big, Adds Seven New Branches To Their Domain!

Handling housing finances is a hell of tasks as it involves various sectors. It has become even more difficult after the effects of Covid-19 in the market. In fact, many housing finance companies had been seriously hit by the corona wave. There are companies that are still unable to recover even after years of the outbreak. Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd, a renowned firm in the service has surfed through the tough period and grown even bigger to have recently launched seven new branches to expand their territory!

About Aptus!

Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd was established by its founder Mr. M. Anandan, a veteran in financial services and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The housing company laid its foundation on the expertise of its founder who has decades of experience in the field. After 13 years of service, The firm has grown to have around 260 branches with 2800+ employees and 1,19,000+ happy customers. 

Aptus in Latin means ‘appropriate’, they are aware of the fact that every customer is different and thus the needs of the customer. Hence they absolutely create a personalised approach according to their financial situations. This motto is supported by their vision of being an efficient, innovative and admired housing finance company that provides the best service at an affordable cost. WIth accountability; professionalism; team work; unity & success being the core values, the firm is missioned to be a leader in the affordable housing finance segment and make an impact in the lives of 2.5 million people by 2030!

Seven New Branches!

Aptus has always had an extraordinary growth in the market, especially in the recent past. The consistent launch of new branches from the firm in various states is the proof for the statement. In the row, Aptus has recently inaugurated seven new branches in three states of their service. Karnataka & Telangana’s network has been extended with addition of a new branch in Mandya & Narayankhed respectively. The other five branches in the list were allotted to various regions of Andhra Pradesh including Dhone, Madakasira, Atmakur, Parvathipuram & Sompeta. 

What Made Them Grow Big?

Aptus is not just another firm that only focuses on finding people and making them opt for loans. Instead, the firm really wants people to level up in their life by utilising the home loans in the preferred way. This is why the company is primarily focussed on addressing the housing needs of people from middle-class and financially weaker sections from semi urban and rural markets. This includes self-employed people too. India is still one of the countries that has one of the most severe housing shortages today. As a company handling housing finances, they want to contribute to the community. This is why the company works on this motive and its initiatives to support the growth of the society has helped them clinch the position in the industry!

Main Office Address: 8B, Doshi Towers, 205, Poonamallee High Road,Kilpauk, Chennai, India, Tamil Nadu

Email: customercare@aptusindia.com

Phone: +91 44 4565 0000

Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd has always been there for their customers. Only this has helped them expand their network to 6 states with hundreds of branches. You can easily use their contact form to get in touch with their officials. They will analyse your situation and guide you on picking the preferred loan for your housing needs!


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