Are You a UK Parent? Beware Of Raising “Strep A Infection”!

For the past two stressful years, the corona had severely beaten us to death. We had to say “goodbye” to our lovable ones. A plethora of people had lost their lives, and jobs and couldn’t yet reverse it. 

Still, the corona hasn’t shrunk its tentacles, but we have another problem to deal with. 

Having devoured the lives of five already, the deadly infection called Strep A infection has taken one more soul. Now the entire UK is being alarmed by rising Strep A infections. This again leaves the entire world in frustration.

We can never deny that when the corona cases were confirmed in China, people from all around the world weren’t serious about the devastation that it would bring to the world. 

But fortunately, now, the people are being alarmed enough by the UK Government about the upcoming damage to mankind. 

However, to avoid the consequences, we should take steps on our own.

Firstly, we must have an understanding of the disease.

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What is Strep A Infection?

Strep A infection, also known as GAS, is a contagious infection caused by bacteria called Group A Streptococcus present in the throat, and on the skin which results in minor to deadly infections. It is more common in children between the age group 5 – 15 than adults. 

Strep A infection is a highly contagious bacterial infection that can be extremely serious. It can cause some deadly and serious diseases like tonsillitis, pneumonia, impetigo, rheumatic fever, and notably scarlet fever. 

However, doctors say that it is treatable with antibiotics when it is detected in the early stage.

Symptoms of Strep A infections:

So far it has been reported that Group A Streptococcal infections usually will have some symptoms like mild illness, and inflammations. Other symptoms include sore throat, skin infections, muscle pains, swollen tonsils, redness, high fever, and pain in many areas of the body. 

When the illness is severe, one will have vomiting and diarrhoea and will need immediate medical help. 

Furthermore, Strep A infection will cause a range of minor to deadly infections/ diseases like tonsillitis, pneumonia, notably scarlet fever, impetigo, rheumatic fever, etc… 

Prevention methods of Strep A infections:

“As the children are more vulnerable to infections, they are more likely to be affected by the Strep A infection” – says a ThreeBestRatedⓇ doctor in the UK. So you as a parent should take care of your children. Once you notice the above-mentioned symptoms in your child, you need to take your child to the hospital. 

Most significantly, you have to be educated about the symptoms and prevention measures. We have discussed enough of the symptoms. So let’s get to know about the prevention methods. 

According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), good hygiene is the only way to prevent Strep A infections. Strep A infection spreads through the direct contact with body fluids like mucus or droplets from the nose, mouth, and the wounds of the infected person. 

So it is important to cover your mouth and nose while you sneeze or cough. Also, you need to wash your hands often with soaps to stay away from the infection-causing bacteria. Alcohol-based sanitisers are recommended in case you don’t have soaps. 

In addition, you need to wash your utensils, clothes, and plates thoroughly to prevent infection-causing bacteria. Above all, you as a parent need to be more careful, as they are more likely to fall victim to this infection. Keep your entire home well-sanitised. Whenever you return home from outside, ensure that you cleanse yourself properly. 

Prevention is better than cure! So preventing yourself from the infection as much as possible is the only way to drive away this disease. 


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