Arizona Welcomes A New American and Mexican-Themed Bakery, Opened By A Trio Of Women

From brownies, macarons, cupcakes, and pies, to conchas, they will have a variety of offerings.

Baking is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is all about the passion for creativity and the joy of sharing treats with others. Yvonne Allison, who has a strong passion for baked goods, is going to open her first brick-and-mortar bakery, Cielito Rosa Bakery at 1720 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85202, US, along with her friends Celia Stewart and Secilia Zamudio. The opening date has been scheduled for May 2024. 

Allison started baking 14 years ago. However, she laid the first stone, after her marriage, as she was disappointed by her wedding cake. 

Allison stated in a press release, “My wedding cake wasn’t the way that I wanted. This motivated me to start learning. Because I wanted to do it better.” Despite her passion, Allison didn’t immediately start as a full-time baker. She gradually honed her skills while juggling other jobs.  

In the early days, she sold baked goods to her classmates at a local university. After that, when she and her husband relocated through Iowa and Nebraska, Allison kept baking alongside her job as a Zumba trainer and sold to her fellow mates and students there. 

Later in 2020, she moved to Arizona, where her baking tradition continued. While working as an instructor in a local CrossFit gym, she met her friends Steward, and Zamudio. It was her boss who encouraged her to sell her baked desserts to the gym members. Steward recalls the kind of buzz Allison’s baked desserts brought into the gym.

Inspired by Allison’s baked goods, Steward and Zamudio wanted to help her business grow, through farmers markets, Facebook, and online orders. However, things weren’t getting serious, until, Zamudio’s husband encouraged the friend to take the business to the next level, and found them the space which was previously occupied by Bearscat Bakehouse, where they could establish their new bakery. 

Steward said, “If we want to do it, we need to do it. So, it was finding the location that really made us sink our eyes into the idea of opening up the business.”

Zamudio admits that she is not fond of sweets and is new to baking. However, she wants to help Allison, as she loves her sweets. 

For the Menu

At Cielito Rosa Bakery, they will be selling American and Mexican-themed desserts and coffee. From brownies, macarons, cupcakes, and pies, to conchas, they will have a variety of offerings. They also have plans to include Latino desserts such as churro, and horchata.

Cielito Rosa Bakery will be selling a range of cakes, including red velvet, classic vanilla, and chocolate, with the convenience of customization for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions. 

In their cookies list, you can find diverse flavors like chocolate chips, churro, purple sugar, and more. Cupcakes will feature flavors like strawberry and chocolate and their price typically range from $3.50 to $5, with vegan cookies available at $4.50. Macrons starting at $2.50, will increase depending on the size and preferences. Macarons and cookies can be customized to meet everyone’s needs. 

To keep things fresh and exciting, the trio has plans to rotate their menu weekly or every two weeks.  They can take catering in the meanwhile of opening the shop, but they require notice prior to a week at least. Follow them on Instagram for more updates or visit Cielito Rosa Bakery’s website.


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