Award-Winning Blue Moon Bakery Has Cut Its Ribbon At Hillsboro Spot, Offering Gluten-Free Doughnut!

This new destination will be selling gluten-free fried and filled doughnuts along with the bakery’s other delicacies such as a variety of soft cookies, scones, etc…

Blue Moon Bakery, based in Hillsboro has become a go-to spot for gluten intolerants to savor in delicious doughnuts and baked cookies. 

The shop celebrated its grand opening on 26th March with the presence of Hillsboro Mayor, Steve Callaway and other community members. This new destination will be selling gluten-free fried and filled doughnuts along with the bakery’s other delicacies such as a variety of soft cookies, scones, etc…

Melissa Brue, the owner of the bakery said in the press release on, “While we refer to it as the doughnuts shop, it will be our full range of offerings.”

Blue Moon Bakery started as an at-home baking business under the name Tasty Bites Bakery in 2008. Back then, Mellisa baked cookies at her home and would be selling them at the Hillsboro Farmers’ Market. Having lived in the Hillsboro neighborhood with her family for over two decades, Melisssa had earned herself a name and fame as a seasoned baker. With her hard work and dedication, she has grown enough to sign for a brick-and-mortar shop at Blue Moon Coffee downtown. Her resilience and determination have been recognized with the “Hillsboro’s Best Bakery,” Award by Pamplin Media Readers in the last year.

Initially run as a whole-wheat shop at first, Melissa shifted to gluten-free recipes,  inspired by her gluten-intolerant daughter, 

Melissa said, “Gluten-free lifestyle can be challenging. And, it will be hard to find safe places to eat.” 

She also proudly expressed that they are Hillsboro’s first gluten-free bakery. Though the company was hesitant initially to brand itself as completely gluten-free, considering the negative repercussions involved in it, it eventually decided to pivot to gluten-free. Fortunately, this strategic decision ended up gaining favorable results from the community. 

Melissa said, “When you are gluten-intolerant, your options are limited. We don’t want anyone to miss out.”

Highlights of Blue Moon Bakery: 

  • The bakery is open to accept wholesale orders and will frequently host pop-ups. 
  • In addition to treats, the shop will also be selling gluten-free groceries.
  • At Blue Moon Bakery, customers can not only have delicious treats but also can place orders. Currently, they offer local pickups and nationwide shipping. 
  • Besides selling sweets, the shop will also conduct baking classes for those who are interested. 

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Mellisa stated, “Our goal is simply to be able to have a place for gluten-free diet.”

Melissa said, “Hillsboro has been an integral part of our family and business. I have a deep affection for Hillsboro’s downtown.

“My kids have grown up here, and we visited many of the downtown shops regularly while they grew up. Also, our bakery has been situated near downtown for over 16 years. So it is nice to officially become a part of the community.”

Upon the grand opening, Mellisa extends an invitation to everyone to join in the celebration and indulge in the savories that await them at Blue Moon Bakery. The shop is located at 560 SE 4th Baseline St, Hillsboro, OR 97123. For more information or to order visit,


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