You Can Always Live Your Best Life By Choosing Your Mental Health, Says Tracy From Beach Hypnosis!

It is always great when you focus on your physical health. Be it going to gym, or a walk. It is always good for your body. But if you think deeply, you must be mentally committed to focus on anything. Without being mentally at the point, no hard work will give you fruit and make you feel satisfied. Tracy from Beach Hypnosis says,”Mind, Body & Spirit are combined!”. Hence they go hand-in-hand to make us feel alive. Hence you must always focus on keeping you mentally strong and stable. Only this helps you choose the life you want. Tracy is herself a great hypnotist who can help you in the journey. 

Tracy & Beach Hypnosis!

Tracy Beach is the owner of Beach Hypnosis, nestled in the scenic Niagara Region of Canada. Tracy has dedicated her life to empowering individuals on their transformative journey of healing and self-discovery. She holds hypnosis certifications with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and the International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists (ICBCH).

Tracy’s expertise extends beyond the realm of hypnosis, as she is a certified laughter yoga leader and trainer. Tracy has had the privilege of spreading the healing power of laughter, connecting with individuals across the globe, whether virtually or in person. Tracy also holds accreditation as a health coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Central to her philosophy is the pivotal role of joy in everyone’s existence. 

A huge thank you to Beach Hypnosis! I feel refreshed and ready to grow. Taking the time to thank the past to make way for the future has given me a new positive outlook on my goals and life in general!”— Rhonda, Beach Hypnosis Client.

Why Should You Choose Her?

I am a hypnotist in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. I enable people to change behaviors and habits that have been holding them back from living their best life. People struggle with many things. My work focuses on using hypnosis to align the mind, body, and emotions to accept positive changes. Some examples of areas I help people with are smoking cessation, fear of flying, stress, changing negative thoughts/feelings, weight management, and even white coat syndrome,” said Tracy while asked to brief her service.

Tracy Beach can be the hypnotist you have been searching for, not only because of the expertise but also of the way she handles and cares for her clients. The profound joy she expresses in witnessing individuals grow, evolve, and embark on their journey to live their best lives is the example of her dedication to the work. 

Address: 320 Vansickle Road, Unit 6, St. Catharines, ON L2S 0B4 

Phone: +1-905-609-1112





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Beach Hypnosis provides a free 30-minute consultation for any individual to try and experience at first and then choose them for further treatments including customized hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, stress and anxiety, weight management, performance anxiety, fear of flying and other behaviors & habits.


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