Benefits Of Pet Infantilization For Childless Couples:

pet infantilization

The pain of a childless couple can never be uttered with words. According to studies, one in six experiences infertility in Canada. The pain, depression, and anxiety, that these couples undergo will challenge their patience and life as well. So people would definitely try to turn their attention to something else. Thus infertility has been one of the causes of pet humanization, and that in turn paved the way for “pet infantilize”

Pet infantilization is the process of treating pets just like children/infants. The majority of people treat their pets like so, as they get them dressed, groomed, and feed as if they are their children. As pet parents, they do whatever they would do to their children. Ultimately this has amazing benefits for these couples. 

Before we get into the topic, let’s have a glimpse of the reasons that pet parents have to treat their pets as humans. 

Humans, in general, would pay more attention and show enormous love to someone or something to which they are emotionally attached. It is the one significant way for human beings to show their emotions/love. 

Secondly, according to psychology, people love someone/something which resembles their beloved ones. This is again a natural phenomenon of humankind. Therefore childless couples would tend to treat their furry babies as their biological babies, as the latter resembles a baby. 

Surprisingly, the phenomenon of “pet infantilization” has a huge impact on these childless couples to lead happy lives. 

What does the pet infantilization do to you?

An undeniable fact is that a pet behaves exactly like a child. So obviously, most pet lovers, either childless or with a child, treat their pets like a baby. If you’re a pet lover, then what do you do? You will feed them, you’ll get them dressed; you’ll play with them; you’ll get their favorite things, etc… Doing this makes both of you satisfied, and you’ll never worry about your infertility.

Secondly, pets are emotionally sensitive and easy to befriend. So you and your pet will easily be bound by an emotional attachment. Your bonding will exactly resemble the bonding between the mother and the child

Furthermore, a home without children won’t be a place of happiness. The entire home will be haunted by a strange and outrageous silence. This will no longer be the case when you have a pet. Whenever you return home, you will always have your pets to play with and talk to. You know what talking to your pet is a great stress buster!

Infertility is always accompanied by loneliness. No one can explain how painful loneliness is! Pet infantilization allows you to overcome such loneliness and depression. Most pet parents talk to their pets as if they were humans. They react to your emotions too. This is one of the great things about having a pet. Obviously, You will never be lonely with your pets

As already said, infertility brings depression and stress. This will be eased by your pets. When you treat your pets as your infants, you will feel no more lonely, emotionally detached, or worried about being infertile. Needless to mention, pets are great stress busters. Therefore, pet infantilization helps childless couples to fight infertility with more ease. 

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