Better Sleep Eugene Suggests Simple Changes In Life To Get Good Sleep This Summer!

Summer is the season of vacation! It will be a bliss of sunshine with long days and high temperatures. This will be a heartwarming transformation for Brits as they could get out of the cold and wet days. As days pass by, The season brings too much hotness and humidity to handle. You should take precautions to handle the weather for 2–3 months. Affected sleep patterns are one of the common problems faced by many individuals. It is because of the fact that our bodies will not be able to easily adapt to vast night-time temperature changes and delayed melatonin release. Here are some of the simple and useful tips given by Better Sleep Eugene, one of the best sleep clinics to ensure better sleep this summer,

Stick To A Schedule

Fixing a sleep schedule and sticking to it can largely help you enhance your sleep not only in summer. It can help you regulate good sleep throughout your life. It might be very difficult in the beginning. Once you set your body towards following the schedule on a daily basis. It will make you more alert, energized with proper quality sleep. This wholly contributes to your wellness. A common individual must have good sleep between 7.5 to 8.5 hours per day.

Try A Cooling Mattress

Most mattresses will absorb heat in summer and make our sleep unpleasant. Try cooling mattresses like latex and foam which are proven to reduce the temperature in your sleeping space. Modern mattresses are designed with temperature-regulating components. For example, Advanced polyfoam is designed with tiny air bubbles. This contributes to reducing heat retention and increases breathability. There are also sheets, pillows and pajamas that contribute to cooling your sleeping space.

Darkness For Deep Sleep

Choosing a dark place not only avoids interruptions in sleep. It also helps you reduce temperature to an extent. A dark space is always the best for deep sleep. Always make your place dark and preferable to sleep. Turn off all the lights and most importantly keep the mobile devices away from your access. Even if our body is tired and we feel sleepy, The electronic screens we face the whole day spoil it. They affect the melatonin production in the body which promotes sleep.

Try Cold Shower

A cold shower is another simple hack that helps you get good sleep in summertime. But it has nothing to do with sleeping. It basically reduces the temperature in your body. This helps you avoid the hotness you feel in summer. It is said to improve sleep quality too.

Say No To Caffeine

Caffeine is always stimulating. It gives you immediate alert and energy when you consume eatables containing caffeine. Its effect can last longer than you think. It can stop your brain from getting good sleep from 8 to 12 hours of its intake. It is advised to restrict caffeine intake within the afternoon. You can choose drinks like herbal tea for replacement, finishes the firm.

Most of us are aware of these tips. Unfortunately, We fail to apply it in our daily lives. Our laziness remains the biggest hurdle in our life. Let it be the first day making simple changes in life to increase your wellness in life. 

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