Bio-Mechanical Tattoo – A way of blending art and technology together, Exclaims Artist At Inked Tattoo

Influenced by iconic films like “Blade Runner” and “Alien”, these types of tattoos gained their initial popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The grace for tattoos can never be expressed through words. Tattoos, in fact, are seen as a canvas to tell stories, and express oneself. So the number of tattoo wearers has been increasing day by day. This creates demand for fresh ideas and designs to pop up to cater to the needs and catch the attention of enthusiasts globally. In this light of evolution, the Bio-mechanical tattoo has been popularised among enthusiasts in recent years.

Do you know what Bio-mechanical tattoos are?

Well, we have Shamack, a renowned artist from Inkden Tattoo and Laser Removal Clinic, which is an award-winning tattoo shop in Blackpool, to talk a bit about this trend. 

What the artist said is that Biomechanical tattoos blend mechanical components intricately with organic elements like human or animal anatomy. These tattoos lie in between being natural and artificial. 

Influenced by iconic films like “Blade Runner” and “Alien”, these types of tattoos gained their initial popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s. As these movies depicted characters with mechanical implants, this idea of people turning into machines really fascinated a lot of folks. 

The term “Bio-mechanical” was initially coined by H.R. Giger, a Swiss Artist who is known for his best-known designs in the movie “Alien”. Giger’s unusual art – mixes things like living and machine parts, paved the way for the development of these biomechanical tattoos. Consequently, the ideas continue to excite people and thrive even today. 

What Can You Expect From Bio-Mechanical Tattoos?

Bio-Mechanical tattoos feature mechanical components such as gears, pistons, cogs, wires, etc., and organic elements like bone, organs, etc. Sometimes, designs like pipes, rods and computer components like chips can also be evidenced in this type of tattoo design. Hence, People who are tech-lovers, science fiction enthusiasts, and love creativity prefer these Bio-mechanical tattoos.

Bio-mechanical tattoos can either be simple or complex. Some may feature simple or a few mechanical features; some may have complicated elements; others may have both mechanical and organic elements. It highly depends on the wearer’s desire. Either way, it gives the wearer a cyborg-like or alien appearance. 

Shamack said, “One common theme that these biochemical tattoos revolve around is the idea of machines gradually taking over the human body. Artists can bring this idea alive in various ways. However, the core message is the same: humans are transforming more like machines.”

If you are interested in getting Bio-mechanical tattoos, Inkden Tattoo & Laser Removal Clinic can be the best go-to shop in the Blackpool region. 

Who Is The Inkden Tattoo & Laser Removal Clinic?

Founded by Shamack in 2003, the studio operates at the heart of Blackpool. Shamack has a team of excellent artists specialising in various tattooing styles. They include Neo-traditional, Dot-Work, Colour Realism, Bio-mechanical, Watercolour, Black and Grey Realism, Japanese, Freehand, Trash Polka, and Cover-ups. Their experience spanning around 19 years is what matters. They are known for their award-winning tattoo designs, which you can take a look at their portfolio – which are full of vibrant themes and designs. 

Just like their designs, their service is also top-notch. Using single-use needles, and extraordinary sterile techniques, they ensure the utmost hygiene in both their tattoo studio and tattoo laser removal clinic. Unlike other studios, their care for the customer goes even beyond. They offer food, drinks (cold & hot), and snacks during the visit to comfort them.  

Therefore, whatever design you have in your mind, they can bring it into reality. 

To book an appointment with them, kindly visit their website:


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