Body Lift Surgery: How Much Does It Cost In Australia? Explained By Experts From Melbourne

Delve into the article to know the fee structure for your surgery in Australia!

A perfectly sculpted and smooth physique is not everyone’s attainable goal. It requires going the extra mile in terms of effort and commitment. Even if you successfully reach your weight loss goals, loose skin becomes a very big concern. 

Even though it is not that deadly, it could cause some discomfort like rashes, infections, excess sweating, and other related issues. Not to mention, it challenges your confidence level, say the surgeons from Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery. Here’s the body lifting surgery for your rescue.

Upon explaining further, the experts have given more insights into the subject that could help you if you are looking to opt for body lift surgery. 

A Close Look At The Body Lifting Procedure: 

Body lifting surgery has proven to be beneficial for individuals coping with loose skin, and excessive fat or tissue. This procedure effectively removes stubborn fat or skin and gives your body a contoured appearance. It can be performed on various areas, including arms, hips, abdomen, chest/breast, thighs, calves, and buttocks. 

People who are all coping with 

  • Loose skin due to significant weight loss.
  • Sagging breasts, arms, or other areas. 
  • Physiological changes due to post-pregnancy.
  • Extremely self-conscious about their excess fat or unfit physique are eligible for the surgery. 

Types Of Body Lift Surgeries:

There are two types of body lift surgeries– upper body and lower body lift.

Upper body lift targets the upper portion of your body, including breasts, back, and arms. You have the option to either address the entire upper body or target specific areas according to your preferences.

The lower body lift, on the other hand, focuses on the areas such as the abdomen, butt, and thighs. It enables elimination of the sagging abdomen post-pregnancy or weight loss, achieving a flat stomach. This also helps you achieve lifted butt and toned thighs.

In addition to this, there is another option for people who want to change their whole body appearance. With Total body lift or combination body lift, you can combine other procedures that are intended for the whole body. 

For instance, you can combine arm lift with thigh lift or neck lift. Or, you can combine lower or upper body lift with breast reduction surgery. This procedure gives you the freedom to choose depending on your unique issues and concerns.  

However, a noteworthy point is that it cannot be done in a single session. Concerning safety, usually, the surgeons will split the surgeries into multiple sessions. 

Fee Structure For Body Lift In Australia:

Delve here to know the fee structure for your surgery. 

  1. Surgeon’s Fee: Your choice of surgeon is crucial, and their fee depends on their credentials, experience, and the complexity and duration of the surgery.
  2. Anaesthesia Fees: General anaesthesia is typically used for body lift surgeries, with anaesthetists charging on an hourly basis (approximately $600-800 per hour in Australia).
  3. Hospital/Surgical Facility Costs: You will need to stay in the hospital for at least two days. The cost counts either per procedure or per hour.
  4. Medical Tests: Pre-surgery medical tests are required to ensure your candidacy and overall health.
  5. Post-Surgery Garments: Compression garments are essential for healing and are usually provided by the surgeon.
  6. Prescriptions for Medication: Medications, including pain relievers and antibiotics, are necessary for recovery and billed separately.
  7. Assistant Fees: Surgical assistants are typically needed, and their charges are included in your quote.
  8. Post-Op Care and Follow-Up Visits: Multiple follow-up visits are crucial for monitoring healing, and whether they are included in the quote varies by surgeon and practice.

As the cost of the body lift surgery depends on the various factors (above-mentioned), it may vary for different individuals and issues being addressed. However, on average the cost may typically fall between $18,000 to $60,000. 

About Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery Clinic: 

Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery is a Melbourne-based clinic with a strong reputation among the residents. It is established by Dr. Craig Rubinstein, a renowned plastic surgeon. The clinic is operated with leading plastic surgeons who have several decades of surgical experience. They have a proven track of record of having helped thousands of people. They offer a personalised approach to both men and women who want to achieve a fit physique. Coco Ruby’s surgeons are so transparent as they have provided the pricing details on their website for your convenience. 

At their Hawthorn Clinic, they serve patients hailing from various locations, including Melbourne CBD, inner suburbs, inner eastern suburbs, North Melbourne, Hawthorn, Toorak, Albert Park, Kew, St Kilda, South Yarra, Deepdene, Glen Iris, and so on. 

Contact Details:

Get in touch with them through phone: 1300 599 990

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