BTS’s Choreography Video For “Run BTS” Is On Fire!

We know that BTS is a band hailing from South Korea, consisting of seven boys (3 rappers and 4 vocalists) who continue to amuse the armies with their powerful performance. Regardless of age, gender, region, or nationality, almost half of the earth’s population is fond of BTS and its songs. They also never disappoint us and continue to amuse us just as they did in their first debut “NO More Dream”. BTS once again proved their best with new choreography to their song “Run BTS”. Their sharp moves to this song proved their excellency and it received 8.2million likes on their official channel on Youtube within 24 hours. 

Do you know what magic they did on us? Anyone can dance, sing, and tune, and there are a few other bands like BTS also in the world, doing the same as them. BTS keeps itself ahead in the race constantly. 

What do they do for their success? What reasons do we have to love them? Here’re some possible reasons.

[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) '달려라 방탄 (Run BTS)' Dance Practice

Songs with words of hope:

What most people find great about BTS is that all their songs are full of meaning. Their songs simply teach us how to face our fear and be hopeful when we’re in deep water. The lyrics of every song are written with deep and resounding messages to the youths of this generation. For instance, 

“On days I hate myself, days I want to disappear forever

Let’s make a door in your heart

Open the door and this place will await

It’s okay to believe, the Magic Shop will comfort you”   – Magic Shop song, 2018

In addition, the lyrics talk of social issues, hopelessness, sadness, sorrows, self-doubt, and so on to encourage people to spread their wings and fly. 

Social Awareness:

The BTS members never hesitate to show their responsibility towards this society. They embed social awareness in their songs. Most of their songs are in Korean, but this doesn’t restrict them from taking their social messages to millions of their fans. Through their music, they are a voice for social change. 

“If we don’t talk about these issues, who will? Our parents? Adults? So isn’t it up to us? Who knows best and can talk about the difficulty our generation faces? It’s us,” said Suga in an interview with Billboard in 2018.

Obviously their music is far beyond just entertainment! 

Inspiration for youths:

Most of the youths find BTS as their source of hope and inspiration as these boys emphasise self-love in their music so often. Their lyrics and emotions are directly extracted from their own struggles in their own life. So all of their music is raw and heart-touching. 

So many youths have found the meaning of self-love, and the purpose of their lives with BTS. BTS songs propel people to love themselves and accept what they are and their uniqueness. Their songs motivate you to walk out without worrying about the judgement of people. 

The songs are fully loaded with consoling words that people want to hear when they are lonely, struggling, vulnerable and in stress. So the armies look at the songs as songs of hope.

Healing power of their music:

Music has such a healing power that no one could deny that fact. When the music is accompanied by a power-packed dance performance, strong and raw lyrics, positive vibes, and full of optimistic words, the impact of the music on people is incredible. As the songs are penned with powerful social messages and words of hope, the songs comfort and soothe the hearts of the people. For instance, a few influential words from their song,

“The tomorrow we’ve been waiting 

For becomes the name of yesterday at some point 

Tomorrow becomes today, today becomes yesterday 

Tomorrow becomes yesterday and is behind me 

Life isn’t about living along but living through 

As you live through, you’ll disappear someday 

If you keep spacing out, you’ll be swept away 

If you ain’t no got the guts, trust 

It’ll all become yesterday”     – Tomorrow Song.

BTS are down – to – earth and humble:

Above all they are humble humans. They respect their fans or armies despite their success being a fruit of their hard work and dedication. They show their unmatchable gratitude towards their fans by mentioning their armies in their songs and concerts. 

Taehyung, one of the members of BTS once said “I think the best part (of the job) is “ARMY”. They’re the reason we perform. And it’s their energy and their support that allows us to keep going.”

Even after amassing so many awards and recognitions, the BTS members still get excited over even a small gift from their fans or certifications even from any show. We can’t catch a moment when they behave like professionals except for their performance, they are still humble and polite when they were in the beginning. 

The promising attitude of BTS:

Those seven boys are unique and extremely talented, which is what makes them ahead of other bands. They sing, dance, and rap – totally they are like a powerhouse of talent. With their unparalleled talent, they have amassed millions of fans globally. Still, they perform as if they were rockies. Their energy, dedication, and vibes are always on an upward trajectory, even though they have journeyed this far in their career. This attitude of theirs inspires many just as their songs do. 

We have not only reasons to love them but also have a lot to learn from them. 


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