Can Suicide Be The Solution To The Problems?

It can even be questioned like is this era dedicated to suicide? Recently Sushant Singh’s case has been raised from the grave and left his fans once again perplexed about his mysterious death. A month ago, Thunisha Sharma’s suicide case sent a shock wave throughout the country and has been a mystery to date. They are not the only person to commit suicide, but many are. The fact is that these people are celebrities, so the news gets its own way to reach millions of people. 

Every day we are losing a soul to fall victim to suicidal thoughts… According to WHO, one in every 40 seconds commits suicide – that one could have attempted suicide at least 20 times before they die. 

Researches have been conducted to find the causes and preventative measures. Still, the suicide rate is on an upward trajectory. 

What do you think the reasons for this destructive thought could be?

If you ask any escaped victim or even a common person, the immediate answer you will get is mental issues. Although mental issues are directly proportional to suicide, those mental problems arise from divergent reasons like…

  • Psychiatric disorders like depression, addiction, anxiety, 
  • Harassment sexually, physically, and verbally.
  • Bereavement of lovable ones/break-ups
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Money related problems
  • Chronic pain and ailment
  • Work pressure
  • Disputes with partners/ friends and family

No one can describe how life with suicidal thoughts could be. When going through this fatal situation, individuals will feel out of their depth and have no energy left to fight. The incapability to defeat the suicidal thought seems to be life demanding and shatters the inner strength of the victims. Hence suicides happen…

What could be the solutions for this?

Suicide can never be the solution to your problems!

Be assured! Suicide can never be the solution to any of your problems. For individuals who think that they are on the edge of survival, it may seem ridiculous. However, the destructive (suicidal) thoughts are almost conquerable and the only thing it needs is effort – says a ThreeBestRatedⓇ psychologist from India. 

If you have ever been in a situation when your brain begs you to die, give these strategies a try to overcome the thoughts. 

  • Open up to your lovable ones: Sharing the feeling while being in the hardest part can lighten the burden to a certain extent. Although it is not that easy to open up about inner feelings to others, they will assist you in alleviating your pain.
  • Consult the psychologist/psychiatrist: Expert counselling can substantially help you. People usually hesitate to visit the psychiatrist for their problems as they fear what the doc could think of them, but the truth is the experts look at your problem through their knowledge in psychology. They know the exact way to take you out of your mental predicaments. 
  • Divert yourself: Mind diversion is one of the ways to keep suicidal thoughts at bay. So just get lost in things that you love. Practice art, listen to calm music, visit places of your choice, and do whatever you want which can increase dopamine (happy hormone) production.
  • Strengthen your willpower: Above all, willpower – there is nothing superior to strong willpower. The definition of willpower differs from person to person though, the one definite meaning of willpower is the ability to overcome unwanted thoughts and impulses. So how to improve willpower? You have meditation, yoga, good food, pleasant books, and so on to strengthen your mind.

As an end to this topic, I can say that nothing can beat you down as long as you battle, and if you have enough courage to kill yourself then you will definitely have enough to face the problem which pushes you towards the end. “Suicide isn’t losing a battle to live. It’s losing the epic fight against a mind that begs you to die.” -says Jennifer Betts. So suicide is not an end!


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