Cancer isn’t deadly as long as you face it with your willpower


I’m just writing this after watching a video on the Youtube channel @Dylan Anderson which went viral, receiving 165K likes within a few hours of posting it. What did that video say?

After fighting with cancer for two years, a young boy (his name is unknown) finally beat it and went back to school. There all his schoolmates and teachers gave him a warm welcome by clapping and displaying notes all around the school like this… 

 “Good job on staying strong, You are a superhero”

  “Good job for beating cancer young warrior”

their incredible warm love made him smile.

A young boy was surprised at school after beating cancer ❤️👏

It broke me down…

Because my friend’s mom is battling cancer. Suddenly it reminded me of her and I know how hard it is to battle cancer. Yet she is doing it with such a hope which keeps on motivating her to stay strong. 

While thinking this, a quote of Marcia Smith came to my mind – “Cancer is not a death sentence, but rather it is a life sentence; it pushes one to live”. 

This is absolutely true. Nothing can beat one when they’re backed up with true love and a powerful mind.

When I had a conversation with my friend’s mom, I wondered if she had never given up hope. “She has to live for her family” – she thinks it is her life’s purpose and that gives her enormous strength to deal with cancer. Most significantly, she’s not doing it all alone. She has her family to stand behind her. 

For some, it may sound odd, as they think that cancer is a deadly disease and no one can overcome it. 

Yet, there are many people like this boy and my friend’s mom, living in front of us who haven’t let cancer wear them down with their determination.  

A strong and unbeatable mindset to overcome cancer:

One must understand that cancer is destructive only physically, but not mentally. Not all cancer is untreatable and deadly as long as it is identified earlier. Approximately 40% of cancers are preventable with a good survival rate. It is only the fear, and hopelessness which bring you down to your knees. Therefore as long as you stay fearless and hopeful, nothing can dominate you. 

If you ask a warrior, on the day he/ she knows that they have cancer, they lose hope of survival. This is something that should be stopped. 

Thanks to the advancement in the medical field, the prevention, and cure of cancer aren’t something beyond achievable. So what you want to do is to have a strong mindset and willpower to live. The power of the mind is the foundation on which you should live. We can see many warriors just like the boy in the video who have defeated it with determination and a positive attitude. 

I personally believe in this, because my friend’s mom is one real-life instance I see. She is such a strong lady who approaches her illness with a positive attitude. Researches suggest that the will to resilience gives the will to live and that will nourish you with a mighty power to defeat it

The second thing is the support from the closed ones:

According to some research, most of the relatives like spouses, children, and friends are the ones who undergo a lot more emotional crises than the patients themselves. Since battling cancer is not that easy as it has many ups and downs it will be a little bit tough for both the cancer warriors and their dearest to deal with it. 

However, support from family and friends can bring so much betterment to people battling cancer. It is like magic to those people. 

The support from the kith and kins matters a lot to those people. According to ThreeBestRatedⓇ psychiatrist Dr Siobhan Mccarthy, “Providing emotional support is the prominent factor needed by the cancer warriors to battle against it. Emotional support will bring a tremendous change in the pre and post-treatment phase and that will fasten the recovery rates”.  The importance and the support you give is what the cancer survivors need the utmost to beat it. 

“You can be a victim of cancer or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset” — Dave Pelzer. You can be a cancer survivor or a dearest to a survivor, it is all up to the way you look at your problems. The way you encourage yourself to push yourself to look at your uneasiness will push you out of it much faster.


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