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Candle Gazing Meditation: The secret to traveling deeper in meditation!

Candle Gazing Meditation

Have you ever struggled to stop your mind from wandering and to travel deep into meditation? Well, the beginners might definitely have experienced this. 

It is too difficult to let your thoughts go while meditating. So many people have even given up doing meditation when they find themselves unable to control it. If you’re one among those, consider candle gazing meditation which will help you organize your thoughts and improve your concentration. Because … Having something to focus on, rather than, simply doing it with closed eyes will give you a point to focus on. And, thereby improves attention.

But why the flames? 

Amidst the other objects, the flame is a soothing and meditative object. Furthermore, the candles (flames) are considered as symbols of romance, passion, warmth, hope, spirituality, and so on. Hence, it will create a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere while doing meditation and control your eyes and mind from wandering.

How effective is it?

According to yogic tradition, candle gazing meditation is a powerful tool to strengthen the aura and chakra as it unblocks the energy source within you to improve the wellness and healing power to overcome stress and anxiety (both physically and mentally). And, thus it purifies the mind, deepens sleep, and promotes inner peace.

Consequently, it detoxifies the brain better and when the brain is free of unwanted thoughts, the brain’s ability and function will be elevated and so will the memory power, clarity, and decision-making skills. This meditation plays a vital role in strengthening willpower.

Regular meditation is done with closed eyes, but in this method, as your eyes are opened and given a focus point to look at, the optical system and vision are strengthened. As a result, with a clear vision and a clear meditative state of mind life is also improved.

Most importantly, when you include the scented candles, it becomes even more beneficial! The amazing smell enhances the production of hormones like serotonin and dopamine (collectively called happy hormones) that relieves the pain both physically and mentally. And, dopamine has a great impact on your sleep that forms the foundation for your overall health. Moreover, it stimulates the limbic system in the brain, which deals with emotions and increases memory power.

Candle gazing meditation in spas:

Visiting spas can be even better than doing it by yourself. Although you can manage by yourselves, in spas you will be properly guided by the experts. There you can get some other massages done along with candle gazing meditation. It will be a holistic approach to your body and mind, and it will help you cleanse both your body and mind.

Also, in your space, you will probably get distracted by things, and this won’t bother you in the spas. So incorporating meditation into your spa day will provide you with a more relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Find the best spas in your locality by just tapping ThreeBestRated®

Since candle gazing meditation has been in practice even in our ancient times. Introducing this technique into your meditation routine will make you submerge yourself in a profoundly deep meditative state by quelling unwanted thoughts and distractions. 

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