What You Need To Know About Getting A Tattoo During Pandemic?

When the Government of Canada implemented a national-wide lockdown in March, all tattoo shops, salons, gyms, etc.., were left with no choice but to...

4 Popular Startup Ideas For The Post Pandemic World

We all want to be independent and free. And what's the better way to be independent than having a business of your own? With...

Practicing real estate law in testing times – Facing the COVID19 challenge

Real Estate is undoubtedly one of the most happening industries all over the world. Purchasing a property is a serious business. The presence of...

A Look Into The Pandemic’s Effect On Mortgage Industry

Mortgage brokers act as a bridge between clients and insurers. With constant meetings and visits, their work requires them to be around people most of the time. So, with the pandemic in the equation, what are the changes they had to face?

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