Catherine J. Navarro At Fontes Law Group Discusses Division of Property & Spousal Support In Santa Ana, CA

Understanding the Calfornian law is slightly different and it is very important for any resident to be aware of the basics. Hence, Catherine J. Navarro, one of the top family lawyers of the region from Fontes Law Group, took some time in between her busy schedule to educate people on her domain. She has explained what people need to know about division of property & spousal support In Santa Ana, CA. Here is what she shares,

Division of Property

California stands out among other states in its approach to dividing marital property. According to Cal. Fam. Code § 760, everything and everything owed during the marriage by either partner is seen as community property and is to be split equally in case of a divorce. This rule holds true no matter who originally owned the property.

Conversely, assets acquired by a spouse prior to getting married are seen as separate and are usually not split up during the divorce process. Nonetheless, issues can emerge when separate assets become intertwined with marital assets, possibly changing how they are categorized. For example, if one spouse comes into the marriage with $100,000 in their own account but then combines these funds into a joint account for mutual use, the money might no longer be considered separate and could be divided.

To fairly distribute shared assets, it’s essential to initially classify all possessions and liabilities as belonging to the community or to one spouse. After this step, the worth of the shared assets should be evaluated. The spouses must then agree on how to split these assets and debts. If an agreement is not possible, the court will intervene to decide how to fairly divide these assets and liabilities.

Spousal Support

Either partner can seek spousal maintenance during a divorce. However, obtaining spousal maintenance is not guaranteed. Rather, courts will evaluate various aspects as specified in Cal. Fam. Code § 4320 to decide if spousal maintenance is appropriate. These aspects include:

  • The potential for income from each partner.
  • The ability of the partner seeking assistance to find employment and keep up the same lifestyle as during the marriage.
  • How long the marriage lasted.
  • The ages of both partners.
  • Any documented cases of domestic violence.
  • The property and debts each partner has.
  • Any contributions one partner made, like giving up a career to support the other’s professional growth and to handle household duties.
  • The supporting partner’s ability to afford to provide financial support to the other.
  • The tax consequences for both individuals.
  • The challenges each individual has faced.
  • Criminal history related to domestic violence.
  • Additional important factors.

All these factors will be seriously taken into account to arrive at a decision. Catherine J. Navarro and her firm are skilled in dealing with the complexities of family law in Santa Ana, CA. They offer crucial advice for your situation, including predictions of possible payments or reimbursements.

Expertise Of Catherine J. Navarro

Catherine J. Navarro serves as a partner at Fontes Law Group and oversees the Family Law and Probate section. She is licensed to practice law in all California State Courts and has also been authorized to practice in the United States District Court, Central District of California. SHe is able to direct you to the correct path in the process as she grasps the individual aspect of disputes related to family law.

Fontes Law Group, PC., operates in Santa Ana and focuses on family law matters. Recognizing the intimate aspects of family law conflicts, their firm is steadfast in its commitment to guiding families during difficult periods. They achieve this by offering professional services and a thorough grasp of the legal environment. They offer specialized and effective legal services to their clients across various family law issues in Santa Ana. Their group of skilled bilingual attorneys offers empathetic and tailored legal services in both English and Spanish.

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