Chantal Lenhardt From Frankfurt Explains The Particulars To Be Regulated In A Marriage Contract!

Marriages are meant to be lived together. This doesn’t mean that one should compromise their wants and needs for their life partner. There might be times of difference of opinion between a couple. This is common in a relationship. However, Making a provision will be more convenient in this situation. Roughly, It is similar to the will we make. Even if you are unwilling, It is always advisable to make provision to avoid confusion, says Chantal Lenhardt — Lenhardt & Lenhardt Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB, recently felicitated with ThreeBestRated® award for the year 2023. She is kind enough to address the important points to be regulated in a marriage contract. They are,

Right Of Property Regime

A married couple should live in accrued gains by law unless otherwise agreed. This obviously divides the assets and debts equally between them. This right makes a particular disadvantage for the one who owns a business as it increases value during the marriage. This might become a point of problem if divorce happens as the entrepreneur has to definitely pay an equal part of it to the ex-partner. A marriage contract would help them avoid the issue of property separation according to their financial situation. There will never be a problem as both are agreed to the settlement.

Right Of Maintenance

It is very important to determine post-separation and pre-divorce maintenance in the marriage contract if one earns more than the other. It helps them set the preferred limitation for maintenance between the couple. They will have to make a preferred arrangement if they wish to have a child. This limit may get influenced by the medical condition, age and responsibility of the child. For example, If one of the couples could not focus on the career because of child duties, The other one will have to provide a sum of money regularly as private pension insurance after divorce.

Right Of Pension Equalization

Pension equalization is an important part of divorce. The marriage contract in this case is the same as that of the property regime. The acquired pension entitlements are divided according to their contributions. If not, Equal division of pension, in this case, might affect the retirement life of the one who has made more contribution.

Marriage contracts are not something that affects your affection for your life partner. It is a written statement of the needs and wants of both of you in your shared life. Even if you have no idea about it, You can still draft it after your marriage, Says the expert. It is important to take ample time(at least 6 months is recommendable) and seek advice from experts like Chantal Lenhardt — Lenhardt & Lenhardt Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB before getting into the process.

All About Chantal Lenhardt — Lenhardt & Lenhardt Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB

Chantal Lenhardt was associated with the bar in January 2011 by the Frankfurt am Main Bar Association. After gaining experience, She was authorized to practice as a specialist family law attorney in April 2014. As part of her work, Lenhardt has focused on the factual management of complex mandates in which the assets of the parties involved are ensured to be in a secure position for the spouses in the long term. This is the best type of case one can handle as a divorce lawyer. This hunger to grow has helped her feature in ThreeBestRated® listing after cracking their 50-Point Inspection. She is one of the lead lawyers of Lenhardt & Lenhardt Rechtsanwälte who are well-known for representing their clients in all areas of family law and employment law. In addition, a network of their team specializes in tax law, real estate law and mediation.

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