Charles Babinski, WBC Runner-Up To Open New ‘Cafe 143’, Four Years Later His Withdrawal From Former Cafe

This marks a significant phase in Babinski's life.

It has been four years since Charles Babinski, the former US Barista Champion and WBC Runner-Up, stepped away, while retaining his co-founder status at Go Get Em Tiger and G&B Coffee. Throughout these years, it has been unclear what is going to be Babinski’s next venture. But now, with the opening of his brand new Cafe 143, Babinski has made a major comeback. 

Babinski said, “The thing that is exciting about it, that I wanted, is to go back to Square One and figure out how to do the thing that I love about Coffee.” He added, “I love meeting people and being a small part of their day.”

Journey of Babinski From Los Angeles To Sydney:

In 2012 Babinski, along with his fellow USBC Champion Kyle Glanville, co-founded the Los Angeles Cafe Chain. The following year, this dynamic duo established their outlet within Grand Central Market, in which they introduced bar-style services with numerous other third-wave coffee bars, neglecting the conventional queue system. Then, they opened another outlet in Larchmont Village, under a new name, including all their G&B models. In 2015, Babinski won the US Barista Championship, which tested his brewing skills.

Over time, they added more items to their menu and continued expanding to various locations such as Los Feliz, Highland Park, Hollywood, Arts District, and Culver City and even indulged in roasting their own coffee. 

However, in 2020, a major turn happened as Babinski announced his withdrawal from his day-to-day operations at G&B Coffee while holding the ownership. 

Rumors had circulated about his intention for a new venture in the United States. However, the outbreak of Covid-19 necessitated a temporary pause on his ideas. And, now having relocated with his family in Sydney, Babinski has started a new journey, which marks a significant phase in his life.

Babinski reported to, “My dream was to start another coffee bar; I just left at the worst possible time to start a new business.”

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What is New at Cafe 143?

Cafe 143 is located in the Sydney suburb of Bronte. The cafe will be open for around five weeks from now. Sydney’s Mecca Coffee Roasters supplies the coffee services for Cafe 143. However, in the near future, more roasters will be added.  

The cafe will be offering a range of delicacies, including teas, pastries, and chocolates, and customers can expect more in the future. 

Babinski is looking to hire employees for his Cafe 143. If you are interested, send your CV to


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