Children Should Only Look At The Phone For 30 Minutes A Day! Or they will cry!

Your mom is right! If you don’t sit properly, you might end up with bad posture or hunchback.

Most of us don’t sit in the proper position, especially those who are working longer at the desk tend to slouch their neck for a longer period which leads to poor back posture.

A video emphasising this has been shared by a tiktoker @farakick who is known for his #bottlecapchallenge (people unscrew the loosened bottle cap by kicking it) which is a viral sensation, received almost 81.4K likes.

What is a good posture?

A good posture is your ability to hold your body against the gravity (in the straight position) while you’re sitting or standing or even sleeping. If you take a look of yourself in front of the mirror with your face and feet straight, your neck, spinal, pelvic and your leg should be straight and perpendicular to the surface. If it is not, then you need to correct it. Many people naturally have good postures, but unfortunately some do not.

@farakicks 3 Exercises for posture😉 Children should only look at the phone for 30 minutes a day . And always remind children to keep their posture straight. Три отличных упражнения для осанки. Больше 30 мин в день детям не рекомендуется смотреть в телефон. И не забывайте напоминать детям держать спину ровно. #yoga #stratching #lifehack #posture #pilates #kids #split #mma #lesson #almaty #растяжка #осанка #йога #back #massage ♬ оригинальный звук – Spotify

You may ask why good posture matters

If this question is answered, you may be surprised. A bad posture affects your overall health from head to feet. Do you know how?

Only when you hold your body in the straight line, the weight of your body will be equally distributed. Otherwise, the excess stress or pressure will be exerted on your neck, spinal, and feet that will cause severe pain in those areas. It further impacts bone growth and height in the children. It has other health effects too like,

  • Increases Back and neck pain
  • Decreases the air holding capacity of lungs.
  • Slouches the spinal cord

You may have heard all the above things but there are a few surprising effects that you might not know.

Bad posture can pressurise the abdomen, digestive tract, stomach and bladder which might damage the digestive and bowel system terribly, resulting in constipation, a sense of an incomplete evacuation. This will close the anus further.

As already said it pressurises the abdomen, the direction of the stomach acid will be directed in the wrong way. Since the stomach acid is responsible for digestion, any such disturbance causes heartburn, acidity, etc…

How to correct it?

There are two ways to correct bad posture. Firstly, you can try at home. By doing exercises and yoga, your posture can be streightened. Of course, the above video is all about correcting bad posture. Secondly, you can consult a doctor or a Chiropractor if you have an obvious hunchback. He/ She will help you diagnose the bad position by finding the exact cause for that. But be sure that you are consulting the best doc by checking out the trustworthy websites like ThreeBestRated, JustDial, etc.. Because only a professional can give you the best solution.

Hence, a good posture will relieve the neck and back pain, and straighten the spinal cord. When you have a good and straight posture, you can walk with pride and confidence. It makes you more confident too. A study has shown how good posture empowers you and makes you more confident. 

So start correcting your posture today.

Sit properly and walk with confidence!


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