David Michael Cantor From Phoenix Briefs Everything An Individual Must Know About Crimes Against Property!

A property is of greater importance . It is a form of your asset. It has to be properly maintained with proper care and security to retain its value in all terms. However, There are always people who find ways to damage property belonging to others. Crimes against property are the type of crimes that are often recorded in large cities, says David Michael Cantor from DM Cantor, a preferred law firm in Phoenix, AZ.

Common people must be knowledgeable about all kinds of important law that are related to your day-to-day issues. On that note, David implies the importance of knowing what one must know about crimes against property. Below-listed are the important laws that are related to these types of crimes,

Simple Criminal Damage To Property

All activities of intentionally damaging property owned by others without their consent by any means excluding fire and explosion. This applies for structures of residence like home too. Penalties will be mostly fines according to the damage caused that will be replaced by imprisonment if not paid.

Aggravated Criminal Damage To Property

It is the extent of the simple type that will be applied when a human is affected by the activity.  All intentions of damaging a movable property of structure to cause danger to a human life comes into this category. The penalties are the same but severe!

Damage To Property With Intent To Defraud

All crimes that have damaged property with the intent to defraud falls into the category. This is the only type where you will not require a prosecutor to prove your side. The act is punishable with $10,000 or more or else 4 years of imprisonment with hard labor.

Criminal Trespass

Entering any movable/immovable property, watercraft or structure of any party without their legal authorization easily falls into the category. There are three types of conviction for these types of cases. Each has its own levels of penalties.

Criminal Damage To Property By Defacing With Graffiti

Intentionally defacing movable/immovable property using graffiti without the owner’s concern comes under the section of case. The penalty will be fine and that will be calculated with the degree of damage that may go from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. The court can even order the offender to clean and clear the property. 

Criminal Damage To Historic Buildings Or Landmarks By Defacing With Graffiti

The same act to historic buildings or landmarks that are owned by both public and private falls into the category. All property of historic importance is included into it. There will be a fine with imprisonment if not paid along with the first and second conviction procedure, said the expert.

About David Michael Cantor!

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