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Dealing with child custody during a divorce can be overwhelming. Here is what you need to know about child custody.


Let’s face it, Deciding on child custody after a divorce hurts more than separation. Couples who have already gone through this will tell you how stressful it can be. Above everything, if you fail to make the right choice, it is going to haunt you for the rest of your lives. It will also greatly impact your children’s future.

The saddest thing is that both the couples involved in the marriage are sometimes unaware of the child custody. But, being aware of the custodial norms enables the couples to make good decisions for their children. So, here is what everyone on the verge of getting divorced must know about child custody:

Types of Child Custody Plans:

The legal system in New York offers different types of child custody plans. Those are:

Joint physical custody: It is one of the most sought-after plans by parents, as the child can live with each parent for an equal amount of time under this category. It is the best option anyone would choose as both parents get to spend ample time with the kids. Also, the parents can make joint custody plans according to their schedule if they are able to work together to get this done.

Joint legal custody: Legal custody, in simpler terms, is the authority to make decisions for your children. Under this plan, both parents can decide on their children’s lives, such as religion, education, and medical choices.

Sole physical custody: The court always acts in the child’s best interest. If the court finds out that switching between parents might harm the child, it is entitled to offer sole physical custody to the mom or dad. The child lives permanently with one parent, and the other parent will have permission to visit the child.

Sole legal custody: It lets only the parent who owns the physical custody of the child make all decisions for the child, While the other parent won’t have this right. Sole legal custody is sought when parents cannot get along or one parent has a criminal or abusive background.

Temporary custody: Sometimes, when the parents don’t get along well, it may take a long time for the couple to arrive at a decision. At such time, temporary custody of the child becomes necessary.

Now, here comes the most crucial question. On what norms a child’s custody is determined?

Here are some of the essential factors that are considered while determining a child’s custody:

  • Income of the parents (each parent’s income)
  • Whether they have a stable job to take care of the child
  • Age of each parent
  • Their living situation at the time of separation
  • Check if there are any medical concerns
  • Child’s age and what the child wants to do

Separation can be daunting. While going through a tough time like this, it is always advisable to seek the help of divorce lawyers who can guide you through every step of the process to ensure that you make well-informed decisions considering your child’s future. Above all, finding the right lawyer is imperative. By choosing the right lawyer, you can rest assured that you are on the right track. And with websites like Yelp and ThreeBestRated®, it has now become easy to get in touch with good nearby lawyers.

Ultimately, what matters the most is a child’s future, and every parent’s responsibility is to ensure they have a bright life ahead of them.



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