Derrimut 24:7 Gym Has Added Another Branch In Smithfield With Sizzling Summer Sale!

Maintaining your body in shape is mandatory to keep you healthy & energetic. Derrimut is an important gym network in Australia who enforces exercising every day to keep your mind & body relaxed. They recently opened their next branch in Smithfield and have exciting offers for this summer!

Derrimut 24:7 Gym To Make You Fit!

Derrimut 24:7 Gym is a chain of gyms spread across Australia to make the country fit & healthy. They emphasise creating trust & building confidence among people to concentrate more on their bodily health which plays a key role in their mental health too. This approach to each of their clients helps them grow their modelling progressively while building a positive culture and community over time.

At Derrimut Gym we look to deliver a product that is not only diverse but one that is unique to our market. Our strategy is to never be ordinary in our approach, what motivates and keeps our brand accountable is identifying what our consumers demand and what those areas are that will keep our brand relevant and with a real point of difference”, said Derrimut Team. They added, “By ensuring that our modelling continues to evolve we remain focused on implementing new ideas, new concepts and assets within our facilities and an experience that will be complementary to our brand while always improving on its credibility”.

Elite Training Facilities!

Derrimut focuses on providing elite training facilities to their customers in which you can expect personal trainers to guide you on the progress and help you avoid plateaus & achieve results faster with a tailor-made program exclusively for you. All of their experts are certified and will always be there to provide you with expert advice, targeted plans, and the unwavering support you need to smash your fitness goals. You can redefine your fitness limits and achieve your peak fitness goals with their experts.

New Branch In Smithfield! 

Derrimut has recently launched their new branch in the Smithfield region with all the amenities & facilities in their other branches and has many other branches that are about to be launched in the coming days. This particular branch in Smithfield is consciously designed to offer a comprehensive fitness experience. It has everything including their health-boosting Derrimut Nutrition Bar to the advanced Cardio, Pin and Plate Loaded Machines. They have got you covered on all aspects and help you dive into dynamic Functional Training or find balance with Reformer Pilates and they have a Sauna coming soon too!

Sizzling Summer Sale!

Upon this summer season, Derrimut has launched a sizzling summer sale for a limited time. This offers a 12-month upfront membership for $288 & per-week direct debit membership for $8.88. Each of these plans allows you to access all the gyms in any location in Australia and has various peculiar benefits dedicated to the plan. Please visit their website to know more details. You have various perks like the opportunity to purchase healthy pre-packed meals, supplements, apparel, accessories, and more with every membership.

Branch Details

Manager : Sam Stoddard

Address: Shop 4, 231 Curtis Road, Smithfield, SA

Phone: (08) 8284 2932


Suppose you are from Australia and looking for the best place to begin your fitness journey this new year. It is none other than Derrimut 24:7 Gym! Walk into the place and join the community who are disciplined and focussed on moving their body & keeping themselves fit!


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