Do You Love The Popping Sounds Of Popcorn?

When I scrolled through TikTok, I was caught by a girl’s @anna.antonje video who was eating popcorn with some weird things like peanut butter. Suddenly it dawned on me that this day is the business of popping corn day! This day in turn reminds me of my childhood.

Ever since my childhood days, I have been fond of popcorn. Happy or lethargic times, I immediately go for popcorn. In my childhood days, my brother and I played by throwing popcorn into each other’s mouths to catch. We threw them into the air and wondered as if like the snowflakes fell down. We had a lot of fun doing so. 

@anna.antonje Some of them are actually really nice !!! #popcorn ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Our childhood has been a wonderful day with popcorn. 

Not only for me, but it might also have happened to you all, right? 

It is worth saying that the glory of popcorn has been growing with us, bearing those pleasant memories for us. When we get a handful of popcorn, it amuze us, revealing how beautiful our childhood was. This is one of those reasons that we love popcorn regardless of age. 

The undeniable fact is that popcorn has stamped itself as a favourite snack in the world.

Day or night, movie time or evening coffee, night snack or brunch, irrespective of the time and climate, popcorn will be there to delight you. 

We would jump up and down when the popcorns do so. Especially the popping sound will leave us flaunter and excite us. Even from our childhood, this sound leaves us excited and surprised. If it is rightly said, this sound has our hearts…

Do you agree with me? If yes, continue reading this as I am going to talk a bit about the secret behind the popping sound.

Have you ever thought about the science behind the popping sound? 

You may have heard enough of how the corn pearls turn into white fluffy popcorn. I don’t want to talk about it. 

I am just talking about the popping sound which has been puzzling us all through the year….

Let’s get to know how the sound is actually popped.

With the science backing it up, the research has proven that when the corn is exposed to drastic pressure, the water content in the corn gets steamed. As the water content is steamed, the starch inside the kernel tries to expand. It is further prevented from doing so by the hardshell. Simultaneously the pressure inside the corn gets built up and it is too much to withhold such pressure for that small ball. Moreover, the outside temperature is relatively cold to cool it down all at once. All these things lead the starch to explode literally like a bomb and the fluffed starch comes to this world. This eventually gives the sound “pop”.

Quiet interesting, isn’t it?

So next time, when you have popcorns remind this interesting story. 

Tell your children the story of the unique popped kernel to make their childhood memorable too!



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