Dr. Y. Singh From Sangam Super Speciality Eye Hospital Writes On Importance Of Regular Retina Examination!

Our eyes are the most stressed organ in your body right now. This is obviously due to over exposure to electric screens like mobile phones, computers, TVs and to name a few. Without an age barrier, Children to adults get exposed to these screens. On the other hand, It has become more like a part of life and it is very difficult for most of us to avoid mobile phones as we are living in a digital era! All we can do is focus on taking care of the eye and keeping it healthy to overcome the bad effects of our habits. Regular retina examination tops the list of regular checkups you must take to avoid serious issues, says Y. Singh, an acclaimed Ophthalmologist from Sangam Super Speciality in Gorakhpur, providing first-class treatments in the field.

Retina Examination & Its Importance

A retina examination is a dedicated process that lets your ophthalmologist examine the structures operating at the back of the eye. Retina is a part that has to be given high care because retina diseases are symptomless in their initial stages. This is why you should opt for regular retina examination. It will help you find problems in the eye when they are minor. You can easily avoid complications with regular retina examination.  If you are experiencing night blindness, vision disruptions, blurry vision, difficulty in focussing or is a person having high blood pressure or diabetic. You must not neglect the test at any cost.


First of all, Your pupils will be dilated. As like any other eye check up, the doctor will shine a bright light through a microscope. This is done to assess the parts like retina, optic nerve along with blood vessels present in the region. The process commonly comprises four steps. Namely,

  • Eye Dilation – Your eyes will be carefully dilated with eye drops that widens your pupil. Obviously, More light will penetrate easily hence allowing doctors to easily find any problem or defect in the eye.
  • Tonometry Test – Tonometry is the process of measuring pressure inside the eye. Ophthalmologists can easily look for signs of glaucoma. A puff of air will be blown directly into the pressure sensitive part of the eye to find flaws.
  • Visual Field Test – Entire scope of vision will be examined in this test including peripheral and central fields. Each eye will be tested separately. Patient’s ability to maintain a straight-ahead gaze is also taken into note.
  • Visual Acuity Test – It is actually a well-known test by common people. It involves deep examination of the eye by reading an eye chart.

Who Should Get Regular Retina Examination!

It is very important if you have any eye defects and wear glasses in your day-to-day lives. If you are a mature person over 50. It has to be included in your health care as eyes will not be the same at this age even if you have perfect vision in your young age. Having a regular check up is preferred after crossing 40s. Make a note that you have the risk of glaucoma & retina disorder in your 50s. Having a family history of eye disease or a person who has chronic disease that can harm the eye should also take the test without negligence.

What Can A Retina Exam Diagnose?

Detached retina, diabetic retinopathy, hypertension, and macular degeneration are the conditions that can be diagnosed by retina examination. There are even other problems that are not accompanied by symptoms. Hence make regular retina examination to detect defects in the early stage, finishes the expert.

Details Of Dr. Y. Singh, MBBS., DOMS., KGMU.,

With over 12 years of experience in the field, Dr.Y Singh is one of the mostly recommended Ophthalmologists in Gorakhpur. He is an expert in analysing and understanding your problems with proper checkup and makes sure you get the solution for the rest of your life in all your eye-related problems. The comfort you can experience choosing him is rare and this helps him stand out of the rest. This is what has helped him feature in the ThreeBestRatedⓇ listing after cracking its rigorous 50-Point Inspection. 

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