EasyApproval.ca: Epitome Of Providing The Best Customer Service & Giving Back To The Society!

Being a business owner is not all about selling the product or service, it is beyond the idea. The economy of the country depends on these business owners as they contribute to it. They also play a key role in providing employment to the people and contribute to their living. Only a handful of business owners will feel their responsibility and will always find ways to serve the community they live in. Let me write about EasyApproval.ca from Halton Hills, Ontario. The firm and its owner Peter Motem have always found ways to give back to society and provide their customers with the best experience and support,

About EasyApproval.ca

EasyApproval.ca works on a very simple goal: It is getting you the best mortgage that fits your preference in the simplest process available without confusion or contradiction. The form can get you quick and easy approval for all your mortgage needs from purchases, refinances, to mortgages for self employed or separated and divorced. This will level down the burden for you while choosing them.

Peter Motem, the owner of the firm, is a licensed mortgage broker serving Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Acton and surrounding areas. He is an expert in providing numerous options for you to choose from and assist you in discovering the optimal mortgage rate and the most suitable mortgage solution tailored to your specific situation.

While speaking about his service, Peter mentioned,”I pride myself on my reviews and with the high level of interaction and communication, I often find clients becoming friends – and that is a great feeling knowing that we have made a difference!

Initiatives That Make Them Proud!

  • There is a local food bank called Georgetown Bread Basket  who serve the community to help those in need, so They think it’s important for anyone that can help, to give as they can. Hence Peter is making efforts to support the bank by providing “Potato Delivery” as an act of “giving back”.
  • Free Mortgage Payment contest by the firm is open to all their clients that they have served during the year, and one person is drawn with the winner having one of their payments made by EasyApproval.ca – to further help to make their lives… a little easier.
  • With so much automation these days and “customer service bots” they think it’s important to have good old fashioned “real” customer service (especially for something as important as your home financing). Hence they always provide their customers with top-notch service by real humans rather than programmed bots. 

Words can not simply express just how great Peter is to work with. Peter moved mountains to help my boyfriend and I secure a mortgage (with a phenomenal rate) While my boyfriend and I had every single obstacle put in our way, Peter got us through each one!! In just a few hours, my boyfriend and I will be entering our new HOME and starting our new lives together. This would have not been possible without Peter. I have had the joy of working with Peter in the past and knowing his character and organic desire to want to help certainly led me back to him during the most challenging time in my life. Peter – thank you! Thank you for being so wonderful and truly making a HUGE difference in my life,” said Teresa M. – one of their clients who is satisfied with their service.

Location: 112 Main St South, Georgetown, Halton Hills, ON L7G 3E5 

Phone: +1-416-786-8395

Email: peter@easyapproval.ca 

If you are someone from Ontario and want to win a free mortgage payment, you will have to choose EasyApproval.ca to finance your home. One lucky winner will be eligible to get the payment in December every year. They have expertise in walking you through any of your mortgage needs. First-time home buyers must get a free quote with them to know the best finance options available!


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