Employment Lawyers Are Not Only For Emergency, Instructs Meagan J. Swan From Pavey Law LLP

Isn’t it true that you only reach out to a lawyer for work issues when you’re in a bind? That’s a common mistake!, says Meagan J. Swan at Pavey Law LLP. She also adds, there’s a widespread misunderstanding that employment lawyers are just for those dealing with wrongful dismissal. It is not only the case, an expert employment lawyer can help both employer and employees in many ways. From discipline to contract to policies, there are so many situations an employment lawyer can be your best support. Three of their important services are given below, 

Employment Contracts

Employment lawyers can be a valuable asset to both workers and their bosses even before anyone starts working!

For businesses, it’s essential to ensure that your agreements are properly written to safeguard your company. An inadequately written agreement won’t offer the protection you expect it to. Should such an agreement face legal scrutiny and a court finds it unfavorable, the financial risk to your company could be substantial. Lawyers specializing in employment law adhere to the most current standards to guarantee that your agreements are legally valid now, and they are capable of performing periodic assessments to verify their continued effectiveness in the future. Avoid being caught off guard when a significant legal amendment makes your agreements invalid. A lawyer will remain abreast of these changes, ensuring that your employment agreements remain current.

For workers, attorneys can assist in examining job agreements to make sure the terms accurately reflect what you believe they are. Job agreements often seem generic, but the wording should match your expectations. If there’s a mismatch between what you’ve been told and what your job agreement states, it’s crucial to identify this difference before beginning work, so an attorney can step in to assist. The clause regarding ending a job in any employment agreement is extremely important. If the employer drafts this clause with care, it can greatly restrict what an employee is entitled to when they leave the job. A restrictive ending clause might not seem significant at the beginning of a job, but over 20 or 30 years, the difference in what an employer might owe can be the difference between receiving weeks’ worth of pay versus years’ worth.

Employment Policy Drafting and Implementation

Both bosses and workers might think they can ignore company rules casually, but these rules matter for everyone involved. For bosses, these rules are like the guidelines for running the office. They cover everything from how to use social media to what to wear, how much time off to take, and what perks come with the job. These rules are similar to an instruction guide. You might not look at them every day, but when there’s an issue, the first thing you do is look up the company’s rules manual.

Installing employment guidelines is only a part of the solution. For these guidelines to work, every member of the team must receive training on the employment guidelines, and their training should be documented. Businesses that boast about having employment guidelines but lack documentation of how they were put into practice or who received the training have faced serious fines in legal proceedings. In essence, without these documents, it’s hard to prove that the employment guidelines were actually implemented or that the employees were educated on them.

When it comes to workers, rules regarding jobs might be referenced during disciplinary actions. For workers facing potential disciplinary measures or job loss for failing to adhere to a policy, an employment lawyer can guide them on the best course of action to either mend the working relationship or help in finding a suitable way out.

Workplace Discipline

While some terminations occur suddenly, often they begin as disciplinary actions, involving warnings, improvement plans, or other steps. The law mandates that these actions be genuine, aiming to correct issues, yet there are instances where ending someone’s job is unavoidable.

The legislation mandates that employers must operate honestly, and this is precisely where legal employment experts can assist you. By establishing explicit expectations and conducting frequent reviews, these employment attorneys can support employers in implementing disciplinary actions that are honest and earnest in their efforts to correct issues. Consequently, this approach ensures that if termination becomes necessary, employers are afforded much stronger safeguards, as they have explored all possible options prior to reaching that conclusion.

Regrettably, workers often face unfair discipline, which might have been planned with the explicit aim of removing them from their jobs. Should an employee feel they have been singled out or that they are being ‘prepped to fail,’ a labor attorney can assist the employee in figuring out their next moves.

Whether you’re on the side of the employer or the employee, when a wrongful termination occurs, the immediate reaction is often to seek legal advice. Employment lawyers are there to provide that advice as well. Likewise, please use employment lawyers to their full potential to ensure hassle-free operations in your firm or your workplace, shared Meagan J. Swan.. 

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