Ex-Colleagues Unite to Launch Their New Salon – Sisu Hair Collective in Grantham

According to the owners, Sisu means ‘will and determination in Finnish.’

There is good news coming on its way to Grantham residents. A new hairdressing salon has been opened by the combined force of two former co-workers – Lisa Brandworth and Julie Dilks. 

Lisa and Julie had worked as hairdressers at the same salon for four years, where they found kindred spirits in each other and realized their shared dream of owning a hairdressing salon. Deciding to become self-employed, they both joined hands to collaborate and establish their own haven in the hairdressing world. 

The dynamic duo named their shop as ‘Sisu Hair Collective.” According to the owners, Sisu means ‘will and determination in Finnish.’ So the duo thought it was the perfect moniker, emphasizing their commitment to offering a haven for their customers to get their hair done confidently.  

Lisa expressed her excitement to open their own space and commented, “The pair offers a new scope for hairdressing.”

“A lot of love has gone into making this a comfortable and creative workspace for a mixture of talents from the hair and beauty industry,” added Lisa. 

The shop aims to provide a collective space for industry experts from various backgrounds, fostering a collaborative environment while allowing individual freedom. 

Furthermore, The duo’s commitment has earned them a loyal client base, for whom they express their heartfelt gratitude, saying, “We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone for the ongoing love and support.”

Open for Freelancers: 

Lisa and Julie have another exciting news specifically for freelancers. 

“We wanted to create a unique space where any freelance artists can come and feel like they are amongst a team, offering clients top-notch services in a beautiful setting while still remaining your own boss,” said the duo through their Facebook Page. 

They have been planning to run the shop by themselves, complemented by Freelance workers which enable the pair to provide a wide range of beauty and cosmetic services to their customers. 

Julie expressed her excitement at the realization of their dream. She said, “It is absolutely amazing. It felt quite right to move forward and it’s just nice to make this nice environment.”

She continued, “I am very lucky to have a loyal and strong client base.”

The duo believes that the salon is not just a business but a space where they can create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for both clients and professionals alike.

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Looking Forward: 

The duo also hopes for an expansion into a franchise and to provide training opportunities in the future. 

Lisa said, “I used to do training. We want to eventually have some form of training academy and will probably need to expand eventually.

The duo has been updating exclusive offers and discounts for their prestigious customers. Visit their Facebook page. 

The Shop is located at 17 Market Place, Grantham, United Kingdom. The online booking is open now. To contact them on the phone, pick the number here. +44 7714 840809


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