Expecting An Expert Painter? Experience The Prism Difference With Prisma Property Services Inc!

Painting might appear like a simple task that doesn’t require experience and expertise to have a structure painted . If you think so, it is totally a misconception. Painting is an important part of any construction and it is highly associated with the look and feel as well as the life of the building. It may be a residential or a commercial, hiring a good painter is a must. Let us introduce Prisma Property Services Inc from Thunder Bay, Ontario, an expert painting and property service company that is offering nothing short of excellence. 

Humble Beginning Of Prisma Property Services Inc.

Prisma Property Services Inc, formally Prisma Painting was established by Andrew seven years back. Today being a 27-year old business owner, he has grown the firm from just another painting company to a full fledged property services firm that provides top-notch services from high-end painting to full finishing services.

Today at Prisma Property Services, their commitment lies in offering a broad range of property care services customized for the distinct requirements of both homes and businesses in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Their skilled group of experts is proud of their track record in providing outstanding services, such as mowing lawns, washing windows, clearing gutters, power washing, painting, and shoveling snow, all the while adhering to eco-friendly methods.

Core Values & Mission

Prisma Property Services always focus on the significance of establishing solid connections with each of their clients and adopt a tailored strategy for every project. Through a meticulous evaluation of your property’s requirements and desires, they make certain that their services not only fulfill but surpass your anticipations in the outcome. Their dedication to employing state-of-the-art tools and methods ensures productivity, security, and the utmost quality in all tasks they perform sets them apart from the competition.

Providing all the above mentioned perks at an affordable pricing is the specialty of their service. They always find ways to establish a long-term collaboration with each of their clients and have a steady growth rather than longing for a short-term profit. Please note that every individual they employ is an expert in their service domain to provide only quality in service. 

Recent Achievements

Apart from being loved as a perfect painting firm by the Thunder bay community, Prisma Property Services Inc is consecutively named as one of the top 3 painters for 2023 & 2024 in the region by ThreeBestRated®, a prominent business-listing website operating on top eight countries of the world.

What Can Customers Expect?

Having over 40 five-star Google Reviews will reflect the customer satisfaction you can expect choosing them. Utilizing modern technology and up-to-date software to enhance the customer experience along with the emphasis of clear communication will give you the result you expect at any given situation. They also provide a Robust warranty on all projects to provide peace of mind to their customers. 

Address: 2064 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, ON P7G 1P7 

Phone: +1-807-630-8172

Email: andrew@prismaps.com

Their range of services includes high-end painting, full interior finishing, along with comprehensive project management on projects of any scale. Please check Prisma Property Services Inc website to schedule a consultation. 


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