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Five high-paying and zero-investment writing jobs in 2023


Content writing is a booming industry that has a great scope in the future ahead. No wonder, during this pandemic, the internet is almost flooded with freelance writers. Still, the marketing industry needs a lot of content writers who can create fresh and compelling content that can turn visitors into clients for a business. 

Why contents are important for a business. 

As people think, content is not all about words, it is the art of connecting the words with the audience’s emotions. Instead of being like a definition or description, the content must be revealing and compelling to the audience. Thus it needs a lot of creativity and understanding about connecting the dots. That’s why the horizon of writing is expanding day by day. 

Often people limit content writing to article writing and blog writing, but there are some other high-paying writing jobs as well. 

Technical writing:

We are living in the technical era, where we depend more on technology to complete even our daily tasks. With the advent and invention of more and more technology, the need for technical writers has gone beyond. That’s why it has become the most required job in the content marketing industry.

Technical content is written by the techie to the non-techies, so as a technical writer you need to create contents that teach your audience (who are not tech enthusiasts) about the technology in a way they can understand and make it easy-breezy for them.

Ghost Writing:

Ghostwriting is another high-paying content-writing job that you should consider. The name may sound weird. But the exact job of a ghostwriter is to write some content – it may be a piece of copy, article, book, email newsletter, or blog in the name of others. But the thing is that the ghostwriters can’t take the credit for writing with him/her, but they take the money. Usually, these writers are hired to be written in the names of the CEO, Manager, or other higher authority of a business/company. They will literally be writing in their names and earning the money as a credit. 


It is the most popular type of writing that needs a lot of creativity. Content writers, in general, will write short/long paragraphs. This won’t be a matter of copywriting. The copywriters need to be precise and really creative. You have to keep in mind that copies are meant for busy people who don’t have time to read paragraphs. That’s why copywriters are hired to write catchy and short copy to make the audience hold for a while and think about your brand. The advantage of copywriting is that you don’t need to write long paragraphs formally. You can use your creativity in your own way here. The main goal of a copy is to grab and hold the audience’s attention towards your brand.

Travel Writing:

Who doesn’t like to travel and explore the world? The scope of the travel industry is huge to cover and has been an ever-blooming industry that paves the way for travel writing to become one of the high-paying jobs in 2023. Research says that 93% of people depend on the internet to know the best places to visit, the best hotels to check in, and the right things to do before even booking a flight. That’s why travel writing has this much scope. So if you’re into travelling, you can become a travel writer to provide nitty-gritty places to help the audience and earn money. There is another way to earn money as a travel writer. So many travel writers sell photos of the place they visit online to help the audience with the right and much more information. 

Email newsletter writing:

Email writing is a recently growing field. Besides all other types of writing, email writing needs a good understanding of psychology. An important thing in email writing is to create content that calls for action and compels the clients to transform into potential customers. Moreover, most people will skip the email newsletter just by looking at the subject. So you must need good knowledge about psychology to apply to your subject, CTA, and body and it must be quite engaging. If you can incorporate psychology into your writing, then a stream of money will flow into your purse.

No business can grow without proper content. So many brands have stamped their names in people’s minds only with their content /copy. Content plays a vital role in the recognition of a business. So if you’re looking for a high-paying job, writing is a good job that needs zero investment. 



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