Five small businesses that are proven to be profitable amid the pandemic

The last few months have been hard for all of us, and we have witnessed numerous lucrative small businesses falling as martyrs due to the impact of the COVID19 crisis. While most of the industries ranging from small businesses to large corporations fell as victims of the ongoing pandemic, It has also paved the way for some peculiar small businesses to thrive.

Businesses that procured the demand and gained momentum during this uncertain time are the ones that cater to the essential needs of the community. Voice of Local Business has meticulously made an attempt to bring those businesses to the limelight.

Here is a small listicle that showcases the small businesses that are thriving amidst the pandemic:

Mask Making Business: Face-Mask has been a fundamental protective gear in shielding ourselves from the exposure to the coronavirus infection. It’s growing significance, and the WHO making it compulsory for everyone to wear a face mask has increased its demand exponentially. From small mask-making companies to large garments have started manufacturing facemasks of different styles and qualities to cater to the bountiful needs of the people across the world.

Cleaning Services: The influence of COVID19 is still lingering around us, sanitizing the home and commercial spaces have been a concern in eliminating the accumulation of virus on the surface. Cleaning services such as House Cleaning Services Commercial Cleaning Services are flourishing as their services are the need of the hour. The continued importance of disinfecting and sanitizing the living spaces has been keeping the cleaning companies busy.

Delivery Services: With the shelter-in-place and lockdown restrictions restraining people from shopping at physical locations, Delivery services are working round the clock with a large workforce to bridge the gap between the customers and the stores. Several professional delivery services have been rendering the transit of all kinds of goods to the customer’s doorsteps. The delivery service help has been more beneficial now more than ever, thus increasing its demand.

Grocery Stores:  Since the onset of the lockdown, people thronged up the supermarkets and grocery stores and started hoarding the essentials and grocery items. Grocery stores and supermarkets selling are the only businesses that are allowed to stay open throughout the lockdown. Small and local grocery stores played a vital role in ensuring the availability of essential supplies to the local community at this toughest time. So, for most of the store owners, it is business as usual.

Storage Units:  A couple of news articles have reported that there has been an exponential increase in the demand for storage units in recent times, especially in India. The report revealed that a sudden spike in the number of people opting for storage units is due to the prevailing lockdown. Almost 90% of the IT\ITes workforce has been working from their homes for the past few months. Most of the people employed in the sector have migrated back to their hometowns, leaving their rental homes unoccupied in the cities. They have been paying hefty rents for just storing their belongings at their rental homes in addition to the electricity and miscellaneous expenses. So, these people found personalized storage units as the best alternative to keep their belongings safe at affordable costs. In addition to it, the storage units also lend a helping hand in moving their belongings. The storage business has earned a hotspot and drastically increased its revenue.

The impact of the COVID19 has been profound on most businesses. But, these small businesses mentioned in the listicle are soaring high. It quite literally proves that demand acts as the prime driving force behind the success of a business.


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