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We are living in an era where the e-commerce industry has already invaded the digital world and established an empire. Although e-commerce has helped numerous small enterprises and local businesses to grow in the digital world through promotions and selling their products online, not all small businesses get to associate with e-commerce companies. There are a lot of local enterprises that do not even have the slightest idea of the significance of having an online impression.

It is imperative for every independent small business to build a kingdom online. To educate the oblivious small/local enterprises about the benefits of digital marketing for their growth, Voice of Local Business has come up with a few tips along with statistical data.

Optimize your online presence:

In the technology-driven world, almost everyone lands on google for searching for businesses. Statistical data reveals that 97% of people search online for finding local businesses. Apart from having a legitimate functional website, small enterprises should strategize their unique contents to appear on google searches. Around 46% of google searches are local. Business listing sites play a vital role in connecting local businesses with local consumers. To learn about how to get listed on the top business listing website, please check this out.

Customize your Ads online:

Online ads are a great source of attracting consumers online. We always come across several ads occupying a considerable space while surfing on the internet, and not to mention, social media is as well flooding with ads. However, wisest marketers tend to customize their advertisements and content in relevance to the precise locations. Around 67% of consumers prefer businesses that localize their content. After all, localization has a good influence on consumers.

Build a mobile-friendly website:

With the advent of smartphones, we all rely on smartphones to acquire information. Apart from creating social media pages for a business, a business site must be convenient for mobile users. About 61% of mobile users contact a local enterprise if it has a standard, mobile-friendly website. And almost 33% of consumers do mobile searches before visiting the physical stores. The role of the smartphone has been revolutionary in digital marketing, as 18% of local mobile searches end with the purchase within a day. Also, estimation shows that mobile devices will be an element responsible for $1.4 trillion in local sales by 2021.

Online reviews:

Nowadays, a company’s goodwill is dependent on the number of positive reviews it earns online. It is the easiest way of keeping your business to have an edge over your competitors. Online reviews decide the growth and downfall of an enterprise online. The influence of online reviews has been so immense that 90% of consumers read reviews before purchasing a product from the store. Also, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they believe in personal recommendations. Encouraging your customers to leave an online review increases your reputation.

Social Media Marketing:

If not social media, there is no other better platform in the virtual world to market your products. Approximately 80% of the world’s internet users are on social media. People tend to spend plenty of time on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. Placing online ads and marketing your products through quality online content on social networking sites yields high exposure to your brand. Around 77% of consumers have reportedly mentioned that they more likely buy from a brand they follow on social media. Having a social media page to market your products and earning a good number of followers boost your growth and bring more traffic to your business.

If you are an entrepreneur who still hasn’t been into digital marketing, following the above-listed tips could give an idea to carve a niche for your business in the digital world. Bringing consumers closer to your business is made easy with online representation. Utilize the benefits of online marketing to boost the growth of your business.


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