Florida Panthers Not Just Glow In The Sport, They Shine Brighter With Their Contribution!

Sporting is one of the very few industries that are large in scale and is in the entertainment domain. Anything presented in their floor can have a great impact in the society and can reach to the hearts of people. Many sporting teams today are finding ways to give back to society in any way possible. Florida Panthers from their end have teamed up with Homeless Voice to feed the needy and unhoused. This is a big step from the sports domain towards a healthy environment. 

Florida Panthers!

The Florida Panthers are a professional ice hockey club situated in the Miami metropolitan region. They participate in the National Hockey League (NHL) as part of the Atlantic Division within the Eastern Conference, and previously played their matches at the Miami Arena before relocating to the Amerant Bank Arena in 1998. Situated in Sunrise, Florida, the team holds the distinction of being the southernmost NHL franchise. The Panthers have a strong connection with two minor league clubs: the Charlotte Checkers of the American Hockey League (AHL) and the Savannah Ghost Pirates of the ECHL.

The officials of Florida Panthers gotta know in depth about the wasted food in Florida by the approach of Homeless Voice. As per ReFED, a nationwide organization focused on eliminating food loss and waste, eateries and individuals threw away over 5.77 million tons of food in 2022. Consider the number of people that could have been fed with that amount. Hence, they have joined hands with Homeless Voice to make ‘Mami Proud’!


The Homeless Voice operates as a charitable organization dedicated to gathering food and providing meals for individuals without homes in Broward County. Sean Cononie, the organization’s founder, along with one of his team members, Robert Wickham, transport the food using an ambulance. In a way, they are saving the food from being discarded and ensuring that the homeless do not suffer from hunger.

While asked about the need for charity Wickham said, “There’s a true need for it. There’s a lot of hungry people“. He also mentioned that it’s not only the homeless who are facing difficulties. He has seen individuals employed struggling to afford meals.

Florida Panthers are always crowd pullers. There are easy chances of food going to the ground in all their events and games. Hence, their team will call Homeless Voice to pick the leftovers after every game or event at Amerant Bank Arena.

Picking up food that the Panthers generously donate to us every time they have an event, they call us the day after and we pick it up and give the food to our distribution points and it goes out to the people on the streets and to our shelters,” said Cononie.

John Colombo, vice president of the Florida Panthers Foundation said, “Since 2023, we’ve had over 12,000 pounds of food, and food that at a lot of places would go to waste, but here the Panthers and Amerant Bank Arena we’re making sure that food is taken care of and that it goes out and helps out. It’s food that’s prepared more than 10,000 meals over the last year”.

Besides offering meals, the Homeless Voice also offers education, housing, and conducts outreach initiatives to various people. Florida Panthers feel privileged to help the needy with the support of this extraordinary organization!


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