Forbes Dog Training, Award-Winning Trainers Offering Top-Notch Behaviour Modification Program

While other dog training businesses in the area have come and gone, they continue to flourish.

Does your dog scare you with its strange behaviour? Or does it challenge your patience with mischievous antics? It is quite common for the canine population to have such behaviour. It often stems from a lack of understanding between you and your dog. You can make your dogs calmer and well-behaved, with good training. But it is imperative to entrust your dogs to safer hands. Otherwise, it may hurt or disturb your dog. 

If you are looking for excellent dog trainers for your canine friend, turn your head towards Forbes Dog Training from Salisbury. 

Why are they the best? Because the training is given directly by Veteran dog handlers at Forbes Dog Training. 

From Military Dogs To Pet Dogs

Yes. Two ex-soldiers who worked as Dog Handlers during their military career have continued to go from strength to strength with their dog training business in Bulford, which has now been operating successfully for over 3 years.

It is a father and son duo. Spike and his son Steve have over 50 years of military service between them and over 30 years of working with dogs. Both Spike and Steve are dog training fanatics and previously competed in Obedience, Agility, and Protection competitions while serving in the Army.  Their vast experience has propelled them into being the fastest-growing dog training business in the area.   

The duo, however, hasn’t entered into the business just like that. They understand that it’s a highly competitive arena, and they need to be at the forefront. Although both are extremely competitive, they underwent still more training and studied all the latest methods of training to get an edge over their competitors. They believe it’s that competition back then that has brought them to where they are now.

Moreover, pet dogs live differently from military dogs. There was a fair bit of bridging that gap in knowledge required. Both men had to update their skills prior to starting their own business, to prepare themselves for their new venture. 

Through their hard endeavours, Spike and Steve of Forbes Dog Training have very quickly established themselves as leaders in their field and are achieving a lot of success with their behaviour modification side of things. 

The best part about their training is they “train you to train your dog” Helping you adopt the best practices to train your dog so that it will be used to your commands. They won’t take anything harsh, as they are well aware of the varying lifestyles of pet dogs. They train your dogs at your home, in your presence, although, they provide group dog training and pack walks. It ensures your dog feels the utmost comfortable modifying their behaviour.

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While other dog training businesses in the area have come and gone, they continue to flourish. For a business, experiencing tremendous growth within a short span of time is not an easy thing, especially business like dog training, where customer satisfaction and sincerity always be the steps of the ladder. Forbes Dog Training has achieved a great feat and becomes the ‘go to,’ company for reactive dogs, which is reflected in their Google reviews, Yell, Facebook page, and 5-star ratings. Recently, Forbes Dog Training has also been featured in the top dog trainers lists of ThreeBestRated® – which stands as a testament to their excellence.

The duo covers Salisbury and its surrounding area, including Andover, Amesbury, Marlborough, Winchester, Tidworth, Trowbridge, Pewsey, Warminster, Upavon, Sheraton, Netheravon, and Larkhill. They are ready to travel even further. If you need a dog training or behaviour modification problem, visit or contact them at +447475618255 or email


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