Gaming obsession: The children are more vulnerable to this!

Gaming obsession is a destructive thing that is sucking out us for a longer time. And you know what your children are more vulnerable to this. 

The modern world, especially kids, are almost lured by the fantasies of screens and video games and trapped by gaming obsession. This is a fatal thing. It’s insane. 

Recently you may have heard the news that a 10-year-old boy has shot his mom down for not buying him a VR headset. He is charged with first-class reckless homicide. This is outrageous…

It sounds strange and new, it is destructive too.

Where the hell is the young generation heading towards?

What do we think of this?!?😳

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Digital or technical advancements are just for entertainment and communication purposes. But the young generation never realises this and the consequences of it. They are lured by the temporary satisfaction gained by the screen and lose their life. 

This is not their fault. Because, nowadays, from shopping to learning, we need to depend on the internet for everything. 

Moreover children like fantasies. The video games immerse them in a completely different world which seems realistic. As they are too young and immature to realize the consequences, blaming these young buds is useless… 

It is you as a parent who should take care of your children. You must be accountable for that!

You as a parent must take some steps to help children out and make them lead an independent and beautiful life.

Personal interaction will reduce the gaming obsession:

Children who lack the attention of their parents are more likely to fall victim to technology and gaming obsession. When they lack their parent’s attention, they tend to watch and play video games excessively and become addicted to it. So parents should monitor their children’s screen time. 

To cut off screen time, you can increase your interactions with your children. Take them for a walk to a nearby place, or play their favorite games (outdoor games). Try to involve them in things like cooking, gardening, laundry, etc… All these things let you and your children be together for a good amount of time and reduce the time spend on the screens.

Keep them away from mobile phones in all the possible ways:

Online is unavoidable today. That’s okay. But you can avoid the bloody gaming videos that may lure your kids. Never allow them to binge-watch the devices. If you notice your child is being attracted to video games, instead of punishing them, handle them in the wisest and most polite way. 

As already said, you can’t keep your children away from mobiles and screens as you’re living in a digital world.

You have two options…

  1. You can hide the gaming devices. 
  1. You can scold and beat them.

Both are dangerous, it is like teasing their ego and they will become more violent. This will lead to mental trauma and issues. 

Then what to do?

It is better to visit a psychiatrist. They know the best way to interact with such children and tackle the situation. Only the psychological approach is the right way to treat them without their ego being teased. So take your children to the best psychiatrist ASPS. But before that, check the credibility and expertise of that doc in that field, because you’re dealing with your child’s future. So it is better to be careful when choosing a psychiatrist. To aid you in finding out the best, the websites like ThreeBestRatedⓇ will give the details of the best psychiatrist in your locality. So check those sites before you take any decisions.

These sprouts never recognize how valuable their life is. As already mentioned, we cannot blame these innocent children for what is our fault. It is your responsibility to furnish your children’s future.


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