Georgia Politis Photography & Its Passion For Freezing Moments!

Photography is a moment captured in time! It is a real treasure and its value increases with time. It is something soulful to be a passionate photographer and it adds great pleasure and experience to life. Georgia Politis Photography & Its Passion For Freezing Moments is quite a great example of becoming a prominent photographer only with passion!

Georgia Politis Photography!

Georgia Politis Photography owned by Georgia is Darwin’s one of the most loved photography studios. Since its establishment in 2017, this second-generation Greek Australian is popular among the Greek community for christenings, having photographed 300. She is also an AIPP Accredited Professional Portrait Specialist with expertise in corporate and business headshots, including branding photography, as well as newborn, family, major and small events, christenings,and weddings ceremonies. 

Georgia says, “Georgia Politis Photography is a reflection of who I am – someone who loves being real, the beauty of life, the small things and most of all – creativity and memories”. 

She added, “My work is all about keeping photography timeless; no fake orange filters, but truly enhancing who you are and the art I create with my unique flare”.

The Spark Of Passion!

Like any other individual, Georgia was seeing it as a hobby in the initial days as she was happy doing it. In fact, she was denying the idea for sometime and just laughed at it as she thought she was not good enough to pursue it and will not work out.

It was in 2016 she was gifted an entry-level camera by her now husband which really motivated her to really embrace photography. After giving it a thought for a few months, she decided to just do it and started out as Lens Photography in 2017 when she was 23-years-old as she was curious to know what might happen!

Success With Time!

It was never a cakewalk for georgia! Any individual will have to burn out to break into an industry and get their name noticed, Georgia Politis was not an exception. After having gained experience in the field and making many trials and errors. SHe deeply understood that photography is not really respected as it used to be. Then she realised that people see her only as a young woman with a camera, but not a businesswoman.

Georgia looked for many professional ways to get her name out and it worked as well. She had volunteered to cover events like Darwin Greek GleNTi, The Blessing of the Waters, Easter and church ceremonies as a sponsor, regardless of her confidence. With time, she made people know her name and business. Georgia is now being recognised in public as a photographer and much to her surprise, even all the way in Greece.

Exciting Plans!

Georgia has been in the business for a while now but the number of awards and certificates she has won shows her expertise in the field. Recently, she has won a finalist in the NT Small Business Achievement Award within the NT YoungAchiever Awards. She is also being continuously named as one of the best in the business by ThreeBestRatedⓇ, a business-listing company operating on top 8 countries of the world with their special 50-Point Inspection which analyses the service on all terms.

At present, Georgia has almost finished with her very first book about to be released (self published). She is also planning to launch it in an exhibition coming in 2024 for the Darwin DiverCity Series. She has photographed 40 people free of charge and written up stories about their life, to celebrate diversity and inspire others for the event. 

While asked about it, she said, “I feel very grateful to the people I have met and how different photography can be on a daily basis. I am honoured to capture peoples’ most important moments in life, and they have a legacy to keep forever!” If you are from Darwin and looking for the best hands to click your moments, you should probably walk into Georgia Politis Photography without a second thought to have the best portrait of you! Please check her Facebook & Instagram handles to know more about her.


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