Gyms are reopening: what is going to be the new norm?

As India is marching towards the unlocking phase, the third phase of the unlocking has allowed the reopening of gyms, yoga studios, and other fitness centers. The news of the reopening of fitness centers comes as music to the ears of fitness enthusiasts. Fitness freaks and fitness enthusiasts were missing out on their routine gyming since the lockdown has begun.

Although going back to the gym is exciting, it may not be the same as it used to function. The government of India has issued a set of guidelines for the functioning of gyms to ensure safety. All the gymnasiums across the country have to follow the safety protocol.

While more than 50% of people still feel uncertain about their safety at the gym, the already ailing fitness industry has to align itself with the safety protocol the government has issued to bring back their customers.

So, what are the precautionary measures the gym owners and gym-goers must follow?

The gymnasium is one of the enclosed spaces where people literally come to sweat it out. It falls on the gym owner’s part to make the necessary arrangements to ensure the safety of their customers.

Here is the list of safety measures that every gym owner must impose while reopening the gym:

  • Sanitize the premises – Sanitizing the surface is the primary necessity. As no equipment at the gym goes untouched by the customers, it is imperative to keep sanitizing all the types of equipment as well as every nook and corner of the gym. Having each equipment sanitized before and after someone uses it is a great way to ensure safety. Facilitate adequate ventilation to make the gym an infection-free space.
  • Follow Staggered Schedule – Practicing social distancing could be hard if all the gym members show up at the same time. Maintaining social distancing is an integral part of keeping safe. As a precautionary measure, limit the number of persons visiting the gym at a specific time. Allot slots to manage the inflow of people coming into the gym and ensure access to all the gym members.
  • Make wearing of face masks and protective gloves mandatory – Wearing of masks and gloves are compulsory for getting into gyms. As it may seem a bit insensitive to wear masks while working out, individuals can be allowed to remove their face covers during the workout session.
  • Screening at the entrance – Checking temperatures before admitting a person into the gym is mandatory. Persons who seem to be unwell or the ones who aren’t wearing necessary safety wear should not be allowed to enter the gym.

With these safety precautions coming into place, it will be a whole new different experience going to the gym. Since the lockdown came into existence, gyms have been most affected, and how much difficult it may be, Gym owners are toiling hard to reopen their doors for business.


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