Have online classes become the new normal? Yoga studios are now offering online classes

Everyone aspires to lead a healthy life. But, apart from eating sensibly, exercise is a fundamental aspect to lead a quality life. Something as simple as walking to working out in the gym contributes to improving our health and wellness. As the novel coronavirus contagion expanded its tentacles, the fitness centers such as gyms, yoga studios, and weight loss centers, etc., had to be closed as a part of the quarantine measures to fight the virus.

The closure of gyms and other fitness-related facilities has exerted an unintended setback to fitness enthusiasts and to the people who own it. The gyms and all other forms of fitness facilities fall under the radar of the small/local business industry. Along with the other small businesses that are the worst affected by the influence of a recessive economy, the fitness industry has also incurred irreparable losses.

Staying fit through online:

As people lost access to the facilities where they assemble to workout, lift weights, practice, and learn yoga and other fitness-related activities, they created a space at home to perform these activities. Lack of fitness equipment at home limits the ability to perform several gym workouts. However, Exercises like practicing yoga have no such limitations. Yoga studios used this opportunity to transform their studios online.

Online Yoga Classes

Yoga studios actively accommodated online platforms such as zoom and similar other video conferencing applications to provide yoga sessions to their students. The utilization of technology has been a boost to the dormant business. While every other sector has unique challenges, and they are finding alternative ways to run their business, Yoga studios have attained a path for survival. Given the fact that yoga offers equally beneficial health-building activities on par with other forms of fitness exercises, there has been a surge in the number of people taking online classes on yoga. As serendipitous as it could get, this year’s International Yoga Day theme – “Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family” has also worked as a catalyst in boosting the numbers.

Similar to yoga studios, weight loss centers have also utilized the technology to establish connections with their clients and remain in business amidst the pandemic. For small/local businesses to sustain the heat of an unprecedented economic crisis, they have to evolve and find novel ways to stay functional.


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