Here’s How The Future Humans From The Year Of 3000 Will Look Like!

Today’s humans can’t even imagine a day without a phone. The phone overtakes everything. After the computer is replaced by the mobile phone, we have internet access in our hands. With one click, we can see and get everything quickly and easily, as it has shrunken the world within our palms. 

However, these improvements are both beneficial and detrimental to humans.

Recently, an AI model named “Mindy” has been created by Toll Free Forwarding, which portrays how future humans will look like in the year 3000 and beyond because of relying on technology. This has been going viral on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The grotesque features of this model are so horrible that it has been shared by a plethora of people on various social media sites like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and so on. 

What Could the future humans look like?

The model shows that future humans could have some possible deformed changes in the future as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. The predicted possible changes include,

  • Hunched back and Tech Neck
  • Text claw
  • 90–degree elbow
  • Thicker skull and smaller brain
  • Second eyelid

Let’s mine it deeper,


Who got the new update?

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Hunch Back and Tech Neck

The primary consequence is that hunchback and tech neck. Nowadays, most people work at a desk and slump down for longer. Spending prolonged hours looking at screens or phones is harmful to your posture. When you look at the screen, you will adjust your head or posture in the way that your torso is pushed away from the hip. So your neck has to expand extra to support your head, which stresses the neck muscles and the spine. As a result, you will end up in a hunchback. 


Due to holding mobile phones round the clock, certain points of your hands get pressurised and tend to take the claw shape permanently. This will extend up to your elbow level. Moreover, since you’re holding the phone, you bend your hands at 90 degrees so that it is predicted that the future human could develop a deformed elbow (i.e.) 90-degree elbow. This whole condition is called cubital tunnel syndrome.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is caused by stretching the ulnar nerve, which runs in the grooves of the elbow. Over time, it causes numbness and pain in the forearm, fingers, and elbow and weakens it. So your hands will take that 90-degree as its permanent shape instead of being straight and erect.

Second eyelid:

The most significant feature that Mindy has is her eyes. As per human anatomy, the body has the tendency to change the body shape, organs or structure to adapt to the new lifestyle. This process is known as evolution. Science and human evolution theory suggest that the evolution of modern humans has happened in the same way. Interestingly, this still could happen. Due to over usage of mobile phones, the body could develop an extra eyelid to protect the eyes from the radiation coming out of the mobile phones. However, according to Kasun Ratnayake, from the University of Toledo, “this eyelid could protect blue light, but not the other high wavelength lights such as green, yellow and red”.

Thicker skull and the smaller brain:

Another notable change is that future humans could have smaller brains. As today’s humans lead a passive lifestyle, the brain undertakes less effort/work. This will eventually worsen the brain and the brain cells. Hence, as already said, the human body has the tendency to change itself according to the environment. Therefore, in the future, humans are predicted to have smaller brains than now he/ she has. 

Next comes skull deformation. “The prolonged exposure to smartphone radiation may affect the brain and eyes, leading to headaches, brain cancer, and strained eyes” -says Dr Sean Byrnes, a ThreeBestRatedⓇ Neurologists in Australia. To protect the head from this harmful radiation, the body could develop a thick skull gradually. So with a small brain and thick skull, future humans would have more tendency to fall victim to mental health and sleep apnea.

How can we prevent this?

Living without the internet or smartphones/computers for this present generation is quite impossible. However, we can reduce the usage and the effects as much as possible.

Having enough intervals, socialising with others for a good amount of time between our work and looking at the greenery / away from the screen for 5-10 minutes every hour can help your mind and body relax to a greater extent. 

Most of us are roaming through social media just to see the useless reels and posts. So always use the phones when necessary so that the amount of blue light affecting your eyes will be cut off. Finally, a prominent thing that you must consider is sleep. Good sleep will help you overcome stress, and depression of your mind and body due to blue light. 

All these things will help you to cut down on the causes and protect yourself. The purpose of creating Mindy is to alarm the human community about the potential threats the human species could have in the future. We can already see that some people suffer from hunchbacks, poor eyesight, sleep deprivation, neck/spine ache, and pains in fingers/joints. So, this is for all of us who are supposed to look down at our phones or screens excessively. 


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