Hire A Responsible Dog Walker. Your Dog Will Thank You!

With the rise of “Pet Humanisation,” pet lovers want everything best in terms of health, nutrition, clothes, and beauty. This concern will be even more for dog lovers than other pet animal lovers, as dogs are the best companion to and love humans unconditionally. Hence they are treated as one among their family and given special care. 

However, this personalized care and attention will be missed when you’re not available. This could affect your dog emotionally and be a headache for you. 

To help you, there are dog walkers who are trained specialists, who will take care of them by taking them for a walk and talking to them in your absence, So that your dog will never suffer from separation anxiety. Many pet walkers who love both pets are out there. I found one among them on Youtube, named Brettconti who became a pet walker for a day. He says that his job is to take the dogs for a walk for 30 – 40 minutes a day. He is paid 25$ per hour. On top of everything, I admired the way he enjoys doing it. He perhaps could be a dog lover. I’m uncertain about it. But yeah, it seems satisfactory.

It may sound crazy to you, but not to your dogs.

I Worked as a Dog Walker in NYC

Why do dogs need a walk?

Dogs are emotionally sensitive, which means they are more vulnerable to mental issues. For your dog, you’re everything; you’re their world. It always needs to be very close to you and never likes to be separated and less interacted. When they are deprived of socialization and interaction, it makes them stressed and causes separation anxiety. 

In addition, dogs are highly active and eager to move often. They don’t like to be locked up inside and not doing anything. They get bored easily, especially super active dogs like Border collies, Golden retrievers, Australian shepherds, and to name a few, may get depressed too easily about being restricted from moving around. Hence they get disturbed and do destructive things like tearing papers and biting couches/ slippers. Experts say that dogs do certain things just to escape from boredom. 

Moreover, dogs are extremely responsive to environmental stimuli like sounds, smells, vibrations, and energy around them. This sense of responsiveness should be stimulated regularly by exposure to those stimuli. Or else it may lead to mental trauma. That’s why your dogs need more attention than other pet animals. 

How will the Dog walker help you and your pet?

Hiring a dog walker has several benefits. 

Physical health:

Hiring a dog walker has a lot of benefits for dogs. Just like humans, dogs need to exercise to stay healthy mentally and physically. Inactiveness makes them fat, which is bad for your dog. Since fatty dogs are prone to diseases like obesity, digestive problems, diabetes, and joint pains, keeping their legs moving is the best exercise to burn fat. Regular walks keep the dogs away from diseases and strengthen their joints and muscles. So a dog walker keeps your dog walking even when you’re tied up with your busy schedule. 


Dog walkers not only take them for a walk but also talk to and play with them, which benefits your dog. “A professional and responsive dog walker will have knowledge of dogs’ behaviors and how to manage if any crisis arises. They know how and when to feed/water or how to befriend them as well. So your dog will no doubt receive ample attention along with good exercise” -says Cynthia White, a ThreeBestRatedⓇ awarded pet walker. Thus it promotes both their mental and physical well-being. 


In addition, when your dog is taken outside, they are more likely to meet a lot of other people/dogs and explore the outside environment more. It will help them socialize more and stimulate their responsive senses as well. This eliminates the loneliness and emotional damage from your dog. The more socialization, the more happy your dog will be! 

Above all, you can feel safe as your dogs will be in safe hands, and you need not worry about your furry pets. You can say that you can handle everything. Yet it won’t be possible all the time. You can’t take your dog wherever you go, notably, when you’re a full-time worker.

In such cases, the dog walkers come to your rescue. Instead of simply keeping them inside, they make them expose the world. 

So hire a dog walker today to make your puppies happy!


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