Holland-Based Unique ‘Craft-Your-Own Candle’ Shop Announced Its Third Shop Opening In Saugatuck

The customers can customize their candles, according to their preferences and desired designs.

Garsnett Beacon Candle Co. is expanding its footprint to Saugatuck, by opening its third physical shop. The beauty of the shop is that the customers can make their own candles with the scent and designs they want, which will give them an aesthetic and relaxing experience. The co-founders – Chad and Sabastian Garsnett are waiting to announce the opening date soon. 

Three Shops In Less Than Two Years!

Started initially as an online shop, the couple eventually opened their first physical store in Holland in 2022. After a few months, as the shop went exceptionally well, the couple decided to expand to Grand Haven in Nov 2023. Though they have shops at two locations, they said that they always had eyes on Saugatuck, as they fell in love with the community when they were on vacation here three years ago. With this new shop, they finally are where they dreamed of being. 

Upon the opening, the couple released a press release on Garsnett Beacon Candle Co’s website, where they expressed their incredible excitement and gratitude.

Chad said, “The opening of our third store in less than two years is a testament to the unwavering support and enthusiasm we received from our customers and communities.”

“Opening a store in Saugatuck has always been our personal goal. Now, we’re excited to turn that dream into reality,” expressed Sebastian. He added, “This new store opening isn’t just a business milestone; it’s a pivotal moment in our journey towards establishing ourselves as the go-to destination for home fragrance.” 

The couple has planned to finish setting up the shop and host a grand opening in early or mid-May. Currently, they have been working on the interiors of their new shop, right from the lighting fixtures to the wall decor. 

Specialty of Garsnett Beacon Candle Co.

At Garsnett Beacon Candle, the couple is confident in offering the best candle-making experience to their customers. They have dozens of containers and 100+ scents to choose from. The customers can customize their candles, according to their preferences and desired designs. They can make candles suitable for a variety of events, including birthdays, family activities, bachelorette parties, events, date nights, and more. 

The new shop will occupy the space at 109, Butler Street. It will comparatively be smaller than Holland and Grand Haven shops and can hold up to 12 people at a time. In this new beginning, the couple is planning to debut a couple of things at their shop. 

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In the Future

The couple said that they have been working in a store six days per week. Currently, they don’t have an immediate plan of adding a new store, after the Saugatuck establishment. However, their “eyes and ears are always open.” For more information, contact Garsnett Beacon Candle at 616-287-3444.


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